Introduce Yourself : Hello to All Creative and Ambitious Minds...that means you. :) by Joe Zarobinski

Joe Zarobinski

Hello to All Creative and Ambitious Minds...that means you. :)

My name is Joe Zarobinski. I primarily define myself as a screenwriter first and foremost before anything else in the filmmaking and overall production process. I joined this great network here at Stage 32 as ways to connect and network with many of you talented actors and filmmakers, and hope to meet those of you who are just as passionate and ambitious as I like to be. Recently, I completed a production draft of the pilot script for a TV series entitled, "Between the Lines," to which I intend on getting off the ground myself sometime this year. I am based in the Tampa Bay area and have been reaching out to anyone within the area as well as Orlando and beyond. If there is anyone who would be interested in being a part of this production, please contact me. I would very much look forward to potentially work with many of you on not just my particular project, but anything you have in development yourself. I will be posting in various lounges on here to connect with all of you. Keep pursuing your dreams and aspirations, and never let up from what you believe in to have your creative vision to be realized. Thank you, guys. It's great to be here.

Stephen Foster

Joe that is so great! keep networking. Start a meet-up in Tampa Bay! Such a creative land!

Leonard D. Hilley II


Natasha Powell


Joe Zarobinski

Thank you, guys! Glad to be here.

Shawn Speake


James Drago

You had me at hello. Welcome!

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