Introduce Yourself : Hello to all and to a new month! by James Hoey

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James Hoey

Hello to all and to a new month!

Hey everyone. Reintroducing ourselves at the start of this final summer month. I am Jim, and my partner in writing/creating/life is Dani. We are writers who have been shopping several scripts around, in conversations with several producers/execs, and owners of our new production company. We write feature and television, shorts, and are currently shooting our own little short to pass the time during this isolation marathon we are all going through. We also have a podcast, Bravo for the B-side, where we go over b-movies and talk about what we can all learn from them, good or bad. Check out my bio for information and links, give some episodes a listen. We've had great interviews with some fantastic filmmakers and actors, full of great information and some even better laughs. We love to meet fellow creatives. This is a competitive, pain in the ass industry, but it's tough to weather it alone. Connections, real connections, can keep you going, and these days more than ever it is good to have fellow mental-defectives to chat with for fun or support.

Hope you are all doing well, and we hope you are able to push yourself even harder these days and get those pages written, those scenes filmed, songs cut, etc... Cheers all.

Daisy White

Wow sounds like you have loads going on! Will be sure to check out your podcast.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, James Hoey! Glad to see you again! Dude... totally need more of those days to push me to get my pages written.

Ooo, since it's Monday, would you be interested in participating in the “Monday Motivation" challenge I posted in the Producing Lounge? It's just a fun way to get to know people through their favorite quotes:

Have you seen my intro blog post yet? I'd love your feedback!

James Hoey

Hey Karen E Ross sorry I saw this a day late, but I did swing on over and add to the contributions.

Chance Owen

Congrats on staying busy during the last few months. It’s tough to stay focused and be disciplined through out all of this! I’d be happy to do any script swaps, notes, or anything of the like!

Erick Freitas

Congrats, keep grinding!

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