Introduce Yourself : Hey Everyone by Kabrien Gathers

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Hey Everyone

My name is Kabrien Gathers and I am an aspiring writer for television. I’m currently a senior majoring in English, well specifically in Creative Writing. Over the past few years I’ve been developing my own animated comedy series inspired by The Golden Girls titled Thank You, My Friends. This animated series is like my child, I birthed it, raised it and I know it inside and out because I’m getting it ready for the world. I have my characters fleshed out with room to grow, well written plots and storylines, funny dialogue and even foreseeable ideas for future seasons. I’ve also written 8 out of 10 episodes for my first season on my phone via Celtx. I believe it’s ready to get picked up but my only problem right now is getting over the pitching session. But I believe in this show, so all I can say for right now is stay tuned!

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Kabrien. Great to meet you. The animated series sounds interesting.

Aray Brown

Hey Kabrien Gathers , welcome to the community. Pleasure to meet you ;) Your series sounds great! Keep at it! Feel free to contact jason Mirch, The Director of Script Services, directly he would love to know what you are working on and how he can help move your career forward

Kabrien Gathers

Likewise Maurice Vaughan !

Kabrien Gathers

Thank you ! Aray Brown

Cedric Benjamin

Hey Kabrien. Welcome!!

Kinney Scott


Shanika Freeman

Welcome, Kabrien! The Golden Girls was a great show. It tackled a lot of hard topics while still maintaining its comedy.

Great interview over on bubble blabber!

John Ellis

What you need to do now is to network, make connections. Work on sets, work hard and be professional and give more than take. Develop relationships over time and you'll find a champion for this show.

It's a marathon, not a sprint!

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