Introduce Yourself : Hey Stage 32! by Dave Bullis

It's Introduce Yourself Weekend on Stage 32! Who are you? What have you been working on? We want to know! Head over to the Introduce Yourself Lounge and network with your fellow creatives - you never know when you'll make a connection that will change your career!

Dave Bullis

Hey Stage 32!

I just realized I never introduced myself. Anyways, I'm Dave. I'm a writer, director, producer, and podcaster (closing in on 100 episodes). Please feel free to reach out to say, "hi!"

Candis Higgins


Patty Rayfield

Hi nice to meet you

Regina Walker

Hello, welcome!

Nick Savides

Hi Dave, Good to see you on here. Discovered your podcast through this Mentorless's list of notable podcasts on filmmaking and creativity: Been meaning to say hello, and this is as good of a place as any to do that. I host one of the podcasts mentioned on there as well, The nsavides podcast. The focus of the show is talking to filmmakers and other creative pros about the art of collaboration. Anyway, have enjoyed listening to a couple of your episodes, and I look forward to getting to know you better. Cheers, Nick

Dave Bullis

Thanks so much Candis, Patty, Regina, Nick, and Victor. @Nick - Always feel free to reach out. @Victor - Podbean.

Dave Bullis

They're all MP3's. Its when you download them that you can choose a player like WMP, VLC, etc. Now some sites do have their own players and all of them use Libsyn which is also one of the most expensive.

Nick Savides

Hi Victor. Yeah, I host and produce it. I usually have a couple of episodes lined up in advance. Not everyone is a good fit for the show, and part of it depends on my schedule, but anyone can send in interview suggestions and show topics to

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