Introduce Yourself : Hey Y'all by Miss Abigail Rich

Miss Abigail Rich

Hey Y'all

Hey Stage 32er's :)

My name is Abigail and I am by all rights a Model as that is where my heart is, I am a VS Angel, 6 time International Playboy Playmate, credited Actress and even a published Author.

I have been blessed to have had some parts in some very nice feature films and TV shows. So that's me, I am on all social sites, but invite y'all to drop by my IMDB page to learn more about me, or my IG or Twitter page.

Any questions? Drop me a line. Best of luck in all that y'all do.

With a smile,


Martina Cook

Hello Abigail, and welcome to the Stage! :)

Ron Jontof-Hutter

Good day Martina and Abigail. I am interested in working with a screenwriter/producer who enjoys the unconventional. My very topical comedy "The trombone man: tales of a misogynist," satirizes political correctness and is based on real events. The good reviews I had in various countries has motivated me to seek a collaborator for a screenplay. Anyone interested? And yes, Abigail, you did make me could be Bev in the story)

Linwood Bell

Welcome Abigail. Back in the olden days in the '80's I use to work for Playboy. I was on a rotation for a couple years playing the club at Century City, St. Pete, and the casino in Atlantic City. One club to the next... What a great gig that was. probably the nicest people I've had the pleasure to work with. Wishing you the best!

Robert Sean-Riaz


James Drago

Hello. Sent you an invite.

Pamela Bolinder

Robert! Hi Abigail, green is your color! :)

Darcy Smith


Debbie Croysdale

Nice to see you back Abigail. What's the name of your book. Will make sure I get it!

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