Introduce Yourself : Hey everyone! by Alex Gratzer

Alex Gratzer

Hey everyone!

Hello! I just joined Stage 32 and I’m just trying to figure out how everything works. I’m an aspiring screenwriter and I’m currently working on a project - a horror movie about a 20 something depressed gay man who’s traumatizing past comes back to bite him when his exes start being killed one by one. Not sure how good that sounds, I’m still working on my logline.

Anyway, I’m brand new to this community so if anyone has advice on the best ways to network and get script feedback or anything that would be beneficial for an aspiring screenwriter, that would be awesome! I’d love to start talking to people and getting out of the shadows a bit. It can be difficult for me to put myself and my work out there because ANXIETY, but I’m trying.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself, I hope everyone is doing well!

Scott Sawitz

The key thing we're missing is who's killing them and why ... it sounds sort of like High Fidelity meets a slasher, which could be interesting.

Robert Russo

I’ve had good luck with anxiety using acupuncture therapy. And if you are brave you can always do a magic mushroom trip. That tends to wipe anxiety out for a while.

Robert Russo

I’ve got some experience helping people get past PTSD and depression and anxiety. Feel free to PM me anytime if you wanna talk. I’ve been through my own battle with all that. You can beat it my man. You’re going to beat it.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi @Alex welcome, about your log line if you make the protagonist thirty something instead of twenty something, more victims and longer plot line. Just a thought. See you around.

Brett Hoover

Sounds like you have a great screenplay idea as far as your logline you could always post it in Stage 32 and your fellow screenwriters could help you critique it. I've found this is a very helpful community of writers, artists, screenwriters, producers and directors. All of them working towards the same goal and super helpful to those just getting started. I wish you the best on your current and future endeavors.

Phil Clarke

Hi Alex and welcome. Always available to talk. Feel free to message me directly any time. I promise I won't bite. I also have a logline helpsheet I could send you if you wish.

Richard Banton

Like you, I've struggled to feel like my work is not good enough. Recently I took the leap and posted a short script I wrote to SimplyScripts last month for feedback and just got a request for a filmmaker interested in production. Keep writing and people's reaction to your work might surprise you.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Alex Gratzer ! Nice to meet you! Ah, dude, I totally get the anxiety around putting your work out there. Great bit of advice from the screenwriter of Creed (who got it from someone else, he admits) - finish it so you can get feedback. You need the feedback to make it better, and to produce it period, so finishing it isn't the last step, it's the first step to making it better. Then just rinse repeat - make it part of your regular routine so you're not thinking as much about "what is the reader going to think" and are free to think more about "what am I going to do with my free time while I'm not writing", because there will be down time between asking for feedback, getting feedback, and starting revisions.

As for the community, jump in! Post your questions, reply to others, and make connections! I was looking over your profile, but you don't have much there. Tell me about yourself! The more fleshed out and detailed your profile is, the easier you'll find it is to make those meaningful connections.

Enjoy exploring!

Rowan Sutherland

Welcome! Best wishes, Rowan.

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