Introduce Yourself : Hey, my name is Tariya! by Tariya Wells

Tariya Wells

Hey, my name is Tariya!

My name is Tariya and I am the owner of Moon Rock Film Studios.  Thought I would introduce myself here and start building my network on Stage 32!

Right now, I am working on a science fiction feature film which will raise awareness for people with disabilities and I have three more screenplays in the works.  Always happy to exchange knowledge and hear more about your exciting projects :)

David Black

Welcome aboard Tariya

Allen Lynch

Welcome Tariya!

Gary Smiley

Hi Tariya, that's an intriguing Sci-Fi premise, how's it coming along?

Tariya Wells

Thanks everyone! Gary - scfi movie is progressing slow and steady! Some great names attached, just need more money ;)

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Tariya!

Tony Bates

Greetings Tariya! The 2017 Couch Clips Contest is officially announced and you are eligible to participate. See "What's New?" on our homepage ( for info and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. You need not live in the Mid-Atlantic region to be a member of Mid-Atlantic Creatives either (

Abdur Mohammed

Hi of luck on your project...cant wait to see it.

Jaquinton Webb

Welcome Tariya


Welcome aboard!

Antonio Villacis

That's great, we also work with children with disabilities in the public schools, we would love to help.

Mike W. Rogers

Hi Tariya!

Deanna Harvey

Welcome Tariya

Tariya Wells

Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome! I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the network requests and private messages ~ trying to respond in a timely manner!!!

Aray Brown

Welcome Tariya! Best of luck with your feature

Julianna Watson

Hi Tariya! Look forward to the science fiction film!

Mike W. Rogers

Nice to meet you Tariya!

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome, I have been interested in awareness for people with disabilities for years. I have a Masters' Degree in Rehab Counseling before I started writing screenplays. Good luck with your endeavor.

Clare Keogh

Welcome Tariya

Seleman J. Mketto

I'm very happy to see you my sister Tariya

Jeff Mehlman

You have to find away to love and care for your main character. If you can't, get a character and story and write something personal for your self.

Phil Carpenter

Hi, Tariya! Welcome! I do animation and vfx, currently on a contract which is ending in a week. Anything I can do for your film? Thanks!

Robert Premus

Welcome Tariya

Clare Keogh

Hello and welcome!

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