Introduce Yourself : Hi :) by Natalee Branham

Natalee Branham

Hi :)

I just joined and can't wait to connect with new faces! I'm very new to this screenwriting thing but would love any input/advice you guys can give!

James Drago

Let me be the first to welcome you and send you an invite!

Natalee Branham

Thanks! I look forward to connecting

Pamela Bolinder

Natalee, hi! Welcome

Natalie Farst

HI Natalee, you must be great...….your name is wonderful!!! Lol Welcome!!!

Adam Harper

Welcome Natalee! My advice is to read lots of scripts

Rosalind Winton

Hi Natalee, welcome to the site, I'm a literary editor and have edited many scripts for members of stage 32. My advice would be keep your action lines short and sweet, with just the main detail of the scene, remember to put new scene lines in whenever your characters move rooms (I know that sounds obvious, but you would be surprised as how much people forget to do that in the excitement of the writing process). Don't direct, no matter how much the temptation is and remember 'show, don't tell', don't write about what a character is thinking or how they are feeling (when watching a film you would not know what a character is thinking or feeling unless there is a voice over or speech bubble) and as Adam said, read some scripts to get an idea of how it's done :)

Natalee Branham

Thanks guys!!!

Pamela Bolinder

Welcome, Natalee—it's a fun ride! =)

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