Introduce Yourself : Hi by Wayne Thompson

Wayne Thompson


So I receive an email suggesting to come on introduce yourself. So hi everyone, hope you are all well amidst these crazy times. I disappeared off the scene for sometime due to my health and also when Covid hit I decided to return to caring in a way to help those who need it more. As well as this I have been working hard on getting my new small studio ready for launch next year. I decided to go for a new studio as I was finding work and recognition ridiculously hard here in the North East of England, UK. I don;t have money to keep submitting everywhere and acting jobs are all south England or USA. I struggle to write after developing CFS after an accident at work that left me with Fibromyositis and RAS. I recently had 2 discs removed from the top of my spine resulting this so this year has been a strange one to say the least. Next year however I aim to come back with a bang. I may not be able to write like I used to and can;t afford a ghost writer but I do have scripts that I would like to see developed. So fingers crossed next year I might just get the chance I feel I deserve and I truly hope you all follow your dreams and passions and also get a chance to shine. Stay safe everyone.

Marven Likness

I live in Alberta, Canada. We had some issues with Covid restrictions but no lock downs yet.

Emma E. Valente

Hi Wayne, nice to meet you- I got the same e-mail. .. you remember the Matrix, when agent Smith was fighting Neo.. furious, Smith asked Neo- "Why, why Mr.Anderson, why do you persist?" Neo said: "because I choose to. "When it gets hard, I often remember that... I wish you best of luck with your scripts.. fingers crossed :)

Wayne Thompson

Thank you everyone for reaching out. Emma, great way to sum it up. Cornelius thank you for your kind words. I wish you all the best and that you all succeed with your dreams too.

Tiffany Rashawn

Thank you for sharing!!!! Nothing will stop you from getting to your destiny. I believe you will get more than what you deserve.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq


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