Introduce Yourself : Hi Everyone by Adrian Karimi

Adrian Karimi

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Adrian and I am a lawyer who has recently found a passion to writing screenplays. Hearing everyones stories about their successes (and setbacks) is very inspiring and I hope everyone can get their time to shine!

James Welday

Hi Adrian, welcome! Wish you the best of luck also!

Mariannjely Marval

Hi Adrian! Welcome to Stage32. What kind of law do you practice? You must have great stories under your belt :)

Adrian Karimi

I primarily practice in civil litigation, so lawsuits over money. But I used to work for the court and saw all types of stuff in civil and criminal. And boy did the criminal side have some crazy stuff!

Mariannjely Marval

That's so interesting! We need to hear these stories. I'm also transitioning to writing and the Writers Room here in Stage 32 has helped me tremendously. You should join us :)! If you want to try it first, just email and he can give you a free month trial. You won't regret it.

Louise Tremblay

Hi Adrian, welcome! All the best.

Jon Shallit

Write the crazy stuff you encountered. I work with co-writers in law enforcement, musical performance, antiterrorism, etc. Nothing beats the tales of truth you hear from experts.

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