Introduce Yourself : Hi I am Cindy Mich Filmmaker and Film Festival Founder by Cindy Mich

Cindy Mich

Hi I am Cindy Mich Filmmaker and Film Festival Founder

I am shooting my first film, starting in April. I am using locations in WI, NYC and LA. I am scared as well as excited. I am also the founder of a NYC based film festival and film reviewer. In my other hours, I am a freelancer journalist. Hope to click with many creatives on here.

Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

l hope to submit my next movie to your film festival.

Aray Brown

Best of luck with your film!

Maeve ThunderChild

I hope you share more about your film as you go along!

Kimberly Jürgen

Congrats on the film shoot. Very excited for you!

Mary Johnson


Weeda Anderson

Congratulation, so excited for you.

Migdalia Torres


Annette F Hummell

Hi Cindy I love writing comedy scripts. Currently, I've finished one pilot ready to enter it in a contest and working on a comedy feature. Connect with me anytime! Good luck!

Karen Albright Lin

Wow! You go girl!

Natalie Elizabeth Beech

You go Cindy!

Sounds like you are really burning it up, I'm looking for similar things here at stage 32, so far so good, met some really interesting people, hoping we all can work on loads of great things thanks to the connections made here.

Perhaps we can chat sometime.


Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

Be bold and courageous and you will go far in the industry'

Annette F Hummell

Hi Cindy don't shy away from opportunities. If you love it enough it will happen.

Danielle Adams

Hey Cindy, look at you go sister!! Happy to help out and learn on the way!

Migdalia Torres

Hi Cindy how about Filming in the Beautiful Hamptons. Many Films are filmed in Southampton New York. Good Luck and keep us posted!

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