Introduce Yourself : Hi I am Mari and I live in Austin,Tx by Mari Hill

Mari Hill

Hi I am Mari and I live in Austin,Tx

I recently completed a novel, its still in editing... I have written several fiction short stories. I directed a play in Austin Hyde Park Theater in Jan of this year... I'm trying my hand at screenplay writing. I would love to meet people with the same interests writing screenplays. I just completed a a screenwriter class at ST Edwards College in Austin...I feel I'm more confused now then before that class. So many rules of format and writing to be considered.

Dan C. Corley

Hiya Mari. I am a screenwriter/actor who lives in a cabin on the shore of the USA' largest lake and in the foothills of the Washita Mts. I have one screenplay currently optioned and four more that still do not quite meet my specs. Forget all they told you in the class. Rule one-HOOK YOUR READER IMMEDIATELY. Have something either exciting or important happen in the first 5 min. Rule two-Create conflict either between the characters or in the life of the main Character. Rule three-See Rules one and two.

Deepi (Deep Inder)

Hi Mari, I am from Chandigarh, living in Hoshiarpur, a small town in India. I, too, have written a novel and would like to write a screenplay based on it; am not sure when that'll happen as I have to revise and edit another novel but when I do write the screenplay (if I get the time to do it myself) I think I will just stick to the net for guidance. This is my first day on Stage 32 so don't know much about connecting to people etc., if you want, you can connect with me on fb and/or linked-in too... Regards, Deepi

Janet Scott

Hello Mari, it can get a tad confusing hon... Nice to meet you and enjoy the forum.

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