Introduce Yourself : Hi, I am New to Stage 32! by D.A Weiss

Hi, I am New to Stage 32!

Hello, My name is D.A Weiss and I am a Published Author of a memoir and have a children's book series. I am also in grad school and have a segment on 93.5 FM on King and Queen Radio in NYC. I previously worked as a counselor in Juvenile justice and worked with persons with mental, physical disability and those with substance abuse. I am hoping to connect with like-minded individuals who enjoy what they do and enjoy helping and entertaining others. have a good day!

Owen Mowatt

Hi, thanks for your invitation. Only too glad to accept.

Stefania Maggi

Hello D.A., I am new to the network too so quite happy to reach out! I am a of those giving you a hard time in grad school ;) My field is close to yours, I am a developmental epidemiologist and my research is on the social determinants of child and adolescent wellbeing. I published quite a bit in science and peer reviewed journals but I am new to creative writing. I finished a manuscript that got the attention of someone working for TV and he is coaching me to turn my story into a TV series. My story is a sci-fi mystery thriller...tons of challenges! But that's what researchers like...isn't it?

Jessica Rose

Welcome!!! You have definitely connected with like minded individuals! Glad you have joined us! From your bio, I see you are certainly called to this talent among others!

D.A Weiss

thank you all; looking forward to chatting with you

Christopher Wisniewski

I still new to Stage 32. But, I now learned to navigate a little better.

Lina Jones

Welcome to the stage D.A. good luck on your future endeavors

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