Introduce Yourself : Hi I just joined Stage 32 by Julie Stern

Hi I just joined Stage 32

Hi everyone looking to find creatives and business people for several projects. Main focus is finding a comedy writer/collaborator (preferably in NY but possibly LA) for a comedy TV pilot who has written pilots. Looking for witty along the vein of Curb.

I’ve been in the film industry for 20 years initially as a publicist, trained to be an agent at UTA and became a Junior Agent representing actors and most recently spent 5 years as a Literary Manager/Producer in Hollywood. Also have done standup comedy and some acting.

Mike (Apratim)

great !

Julie Stern

Hi I tried to post a long description but didn’t work. I’ve been in the film industry primarily for 20 years initially as a publicist on films, trained to be an agent at United Talent Agency and became a Junior Agent for actors in film/tv at a mid sized agency and most recently, represented screenwriters and shopped projects in Hollywood as a Literary Manager/Producer for 5 years.

Looking to find an amazing comedy writer preferably in NY but also LA to collaborate on a clever comedy pilot.
Have other projects producing as well.

Dan Cassell

Hello Julie. Stage 32 is an excellent collaborative resource, I must say.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Julie!

Nastassia Haroshka

I'm available if you need a young actress, have lead experience/much IMDB!!
and two big roles in coming feature films to be shot this year!!

Arslan Sandilo

well come me also new id creat 3 years ago but use today

Michael Rogers

Very nice to meet you Julie! Would love to provide a comedy sample when you are accepting them!

Anthony R. Risen

i believe comedy is needed with the way the world is right now - so i hope you find everything you need! - just remember good comedy is nothing if it doesnt have heart behind the humor :) we gotta love the characters! if you need any help i'd be glad to assist i am a actor / director / writer / producer / special fx artist. i can skateboard and play guitar (metal genre ) - im also a martial artist and kind of have a jason momoa thing going. ! Keep in touch.

Emmett Saunders

Hello and welcome to Stage 32. Your background and experience are very impressive and thought I'd offer a dramedy that may fit your interest as it's set in Hollywood and would involve older and younger actors and actresses heading up or trying to recharge their careers. IT PAYS THE BILLS could be a life-changing experience for professionals wanting to work in the industry these days.

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community!

S.J. Robinson

Hi Julie, nice to connect with you. Dont have comedy, but if I come across anything/anyone along the lines of what you are looking for, will send your way.

Bill Hartin

Hi Julie - I might have just the kind of writer your'e looking for but let me check with him first, since it's been a while since we last laughed at this work.

Tanica Williams

Hi Julie! Welcome!

Richard Barton-Thrift

I am in NJ willing to collaborate

Jeff Cohen

I've written several pilots that were read by showrunners. Willing to work on spec as long as my input is meaningful, with involvement if pilot gets picked up.

Gourav Chakraborty

Hi Julie! I'm a video editor and storyteller looking for exciting collaborations and innovative work. Nice to meet you.

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