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Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Hi I'm Nick

Hey everyone! If you don't know me, I'm Nick, the script services coordinator here at Stage 32. If you've ever emailed into I'm usually the guy who answers.

I'm an LA based comedy writer and filmmaker. Just finished up my latest script, a sci-fi/adventure/comedy a few nights ago and sent it out to a few of my Stage 32 contacts. I'm also currently raising funds to finish post on a no-budget horror/comedy feature I shot last year for fun.

If you're curious about anything on Stage 32 feel free to reach out to me here or at

Vincent Paterno

Comedy writer? My kind of guy! I write comedy features (two completed, in the home stretch for the first draft of a third). Am also a film historian whose site dedicated to the queen of screwball and classic Hollywood has been around since 2007,

Brian Carlin

Hello Nick! Nice job on finishing up your sci-fi action comedy! Those are three genres that work very well together. Tell me a little bit more about role as script services coordinator. What is your day to day like in the job? And also, what advice would you give to a first time user of some of Stage 32's script services? Looking forward to connecting, and I'd also enjoy learning more about your horror comedy!

Allen Lynch

Good luck on your horror/comedy. I'd like to hear more about it.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Hi Brian Carlin it depends on where you're at in your writing, and what you're looking to do. If you have a script you feel needs work, I'd recommend our industry coverage. If you have a script you want to start learning to pitch, the pitch sessions. If you have a script you feel is ready to be put on a producer or manager's desk, I'd recommend our executive coverages or consult calls.

As for the horror comedy, it's just a silly little thing. Cute couple on their first vacation together discovers the house is haunted and possibly interfering whenever they try to get intimate.

Brian Carlin

Hi Nick! Thanks for the clarification on the services. I just finished the second draft of a feature script. It's still very raw, so I'm thinking that coverage makes the most sense right now, and then maybe the other two services once it's been tempered and cleaned up. Your horror comedy sounds pretty cool as well! I like that premise a lot - it sounds like it might play on some of the classic teen horror cliches.

Rob Bane

Sounds like spaceballs, awesome Nick!

Tasha Lewis

Welcome Nick!

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