Introduce Yourself : Hi I'm Skye :) by Skye O'Mar (Skyler Mae)

Skye O'Mar (Skyler Mae)

Hi I'm Skye :)

I'm originally from New Brunswick, 19 years old and I'm searching for career advice. I am intrigued by music, theatre, art, design, photography, poetry, literature, almost anything. I've been improving my writing and my art skills and I'm currently in the process of writing a graphic novel I'd like to publish. I love nature and the outdoors and I love to have fun. I enjoy reading and so many genres such as: horror, thriller, romance, comedy, literature, poetry, theatre...etc. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any colleges or courses I could take or spare some advise as to how I could follow these career paths. Much appreciated -Skye O'Mar

Cedric Lyons

Welcome Skye!

Matt Hurd

Welcome Skye! I'm a comic book writer as well (among other things). Happy to help if you have questions on that subject! You can also find tons of advice in our various lounges - I spend plenty of my time in Screenwriting. Stage 32 also offers a huge variety of Education online from tons of working industry professionals, so be sure to give it a look: Feel free to message me with any questions!

Jonah King

Welcome ;)

Skye O'Mar (Skyler Mae)

Thanks !!

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