Introduce Yourself : Hi, I'm new by Christina Gonzalez

Hi, I'm new

I'm a wannabe stage actress turned wannabe screenwriter/ filmmaker from Virginia. I graduated from Old Dominion University a couple of years ago. I studied theater, but my passion now lies in film. If anyone has any advice for a newbie like me I'm all ears!

Christopher Binder

Turn into a sponge and be prepared to have more failures than successes.

Philip Sedgwick

Write every day and get yourself to next year's Richmond Film Festival.

Matt Hurd

Welcome, Christina! You've already taken a great step in the right direction by joining the Stage 32 community. Spend time in the lounges, check out our Education offerings ( as Christopher says, turn into a sponge. Absorb everything you can, use whatever is useful to you, and never give up!

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