Introduce Yourself : Hi Stage 32 family! by Cameron Thrower

Cameron Thrower

Hi Stage 32 family!

Hope all is fantastic! I love Stage 32 and everything this community represents. I'm Cameron, a Film Director & Screenwriter living in Los Angeles. Currently in development on two feature films, a few music videos, and commercials in the loop. Always looking to collaborate and create cinematic magic with passionate artists. Also ecstatic about being a semi-finalist in the 4th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest! Fingers crossed.

Brad Rushing

Hi Cameron - I checked out your website. Some very impressive work. I also very much like this quote: "The main inspiration behind all of my work is finding the light within those dark spaces; the corners that aren’t comfortable to explore." My own background prior to becoming a cinematographer was as a visual artist and I bring a lot of those insights and vocabulary to my work in motion. I can tell from the material on your site that you are very much an artist yourself and I really respect and appreciate that.

Ginny Monroe MA

Hi Cameron , good luck with your films. Ginny

Cameron Thrower

Hi Brad! Thx for the kind words, brother. Fantastic work on your end!

Cameron Thrower

Hi Ginny! Thank you so much.

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