Introduce Yourself : Hi There, My Name is Kay by Kay Tuxford

Kay Tuxford

Hi There, My Name is Kay

I never finished my profile till now, and Stage 32 is practically begging me to do it. I used to be a screenwriting consultant for the Writers Store until this July when our location closed. It's really the first time since I moved to LA that I've had some time to work on my projects first! I'd love to make some friends on here and I'm in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign for one of my scripts and I'd love guidance from those that have been in the trenches.

Nice to (more formally) meet you all!

Brian Thomas

Hi Kay :)

Doug Nelson

Welcome Kay. WHAT? The writer's store closed... Say it ain't so!

Kay Tuxford

Yes, I'm sad about it, too! I miss seeing all my favorite customers and clients, and reading all the new books :(

Gary Smiley

Interesting news, Kay. Thought they'd be in the thick of things. I prefer old-school books.

Kay Tuxford

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I do, too. I think there's still a good market in LA for a screenwriting shop, so anyone who's looking to fill that niche... I'm available and super qualified :P

Gary Smiley

Run it from an Airstream that would be cool.

Janet Elizabeth Swainston

Hi Kay, welcome and I added you to my network...always looking for readers for what I write....enjoy your stay here!

James Drago

Hi Kay!

Sharon Lunceford

Hello Kay!!!

Eyiara Olugunna

Hey Kay!

Mike W. Rogers

Hello Kay!

Kelly Krause

Welcome, Kay! The Miseducation of Bindu sounds fabulous... Wishing you and your team success and looking forward to seeing your work flourish!

Mark Ratering

I thought Crowfunding for films without names was in the past? Good on ya.

Kay Tuxford

Mark, what are you saying? An ex Writer Store employee isn't a big enough name?! I've sold Final Draft updates to Guillermo Del Toro! I'm a somebody! j/k. Well, we already reached our funding goal, so I'm proof that a story that resonates and a passionate team can make it happen. It is a fulltime job though. Once my campaign is done on Friday, I get to go outside in the sunlight at last. If anyone wants to check out the campaign, or follow us, you can see it here:

Also would be happy to answer any Crowdfunding Qs I learned this month. It was an eye opening experience!

Amanda Toney

Congratulations on hitting your goal, Kay, that's excellent! I'd love to have you write a blog about your experience doing the crowdfund - I think the community would love to hear what you did to make it successful. If you're interested, send me a dm (ps - did you work with Sadie Dean? We love her!)

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