Introduce Yourself : Hi everyone... by Fabien Waltmann

Fabien Waltmann

Hi everyone...

Hi, this is Fabien. I'm a French Composer living in London. I've been working in the pop world for many years with artists like Madonna, No Doubt, Katy Perry, Placebo, Bjorg and so many more. You would think I'm name dropping if I carry on. :) Early last year I've decided to get back to my first passion and here I am looking to link up and find some interesting projects to work on. I think I have something unique in a way as I'm not trained so I purely sonically vibe and so far I've made a few Directors happy. Get in touch. Let's talk or meet if you're in London. Wishes you the very best with whatever you're dreaming off. x

Brisha M Webb

That's so cool that you have worked so closely with all of those artists, what got you started? I have been trying to get my foot in the door.

Fabien Waltmann

@Brisha. Yes, it's been proper ride with it ups and downs. Networking, that was it. That why I'm here also to carry on pushing with this new turn in my career.

Miguel Campos

Fabien, I had the opportunity of knowing Bjork personally and some other musicians that were touring with her. I ended up collaborating on a few sub-projects at Greenhouse, in Iceland. That was a precious year back in 2008.

Francesca Varisco

Hi Fabien, welcome here ;) I loved your presentation, who knows we might work together sometimes. I'm composing texts/lyrics for an Italian composer, Federico Bonetti Amendola, but it's a completely different genre (classical music). He's also self-trained and has a real talent, check his profile if you wish: and All the best!

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