Introduce Yourself : Hi everyone by Alexis Mercer

Hi everyone

I'm Alexis,

And this year I'm working on really pushing myself. I do acting as well as modelling occasionally. I hope you're all doing well.

Maurice Vaughan

Nice to meet you, Alexis Mercer. I'm cheering for you to really push yourself and reach your goals this year! :D

I suggest adding a bio to your profile. It'll help you build relationships/network.

Stage 32 has a great Acting Lounge ( and Acting blogs (, and Acting webinars ( you might find helpful.

Alexandra Shields

Hi Alexis! So nice to meet you! I'm Ali, the Executive Liaison at Stage 32. My husband is an actor, so I'm fairly familiar with that world. Like Maurice said, a bio is so helpful in building relationships on this site. What are next step career goals? I'd love to help point you to resources here that could help. I also recommend checking out the Acting Lounge to connect with other actors on this site and swap tips. Also, I'd love to hear what kind of things you like to act in. Do you like comedy? Drama? Are you into the classics or more contemporary? Theater or TV/Film?

Welcome to Stage 32!

Alexis Mercer

Thank you! Updating my profile now

Matthew Parvin

Welcome Alexis! Nice to meet you. Glad you're here.

Geoff Hall

Greetings @AlexisMercer welcome to the community. Everything Maurice told you is true. This is a great place to develop relationships and advance your career. I look forward to reading your Bio. Be well.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Alexis Mercer.

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