Introduce Yourself : Hi my fellow Stage 32 peeps! by Johnny Zito

Johnny Zito

Hi my fellow Stage 32 peeps!

Love being a part of this wonderful community. I'm an actor/writer/director at Nora Lune productions. My latest short film "Love Lives in a Void" is still in post. My last short, "à la mémoire de Lune" did very well on the film festival circuit (It's available with French subtitles) Been getting offers for distro but nothing worthwhile yet. I'm currently writing a new feature and plan to crowdfund for it's production next year. Attended some very enlightening talks this month with these talented artists: Liv Ullmann, Paweł Pawlikowski, Matt Dillon, and Karen Allen. Always looking to expand and learn, be it through books, talks, courses (online and in-person), and of course watching films. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to connecting and reconnecting with my fellow Stage 32 members!

Michael Matasci

Hi Johnny

Kudos on receiving well deserved recognition

Keep up the good work!



Johnny Zito

Michael Matasci , thank you very much! Happy New Year and continued success in the new year!

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