Introduce Yourself : Hi rockstars!! by Éli Sokhn

Éli Sokhn

Hi rockstars!!

I am a film director & producer based in LA, with extensive background in visual effects and apparently I've been on this site since 2014 but this is the first time I actually use it. Lol (Thanks Covid)

Long story short, I've been in film for a long time now and so far I have literally 0 screenwriter friends. (SAD) I am currently using this time to write my feature film and I could totally use some help.

If this is you, please drop me a line and let's be friends!

* My fav movie is Children of men, AI, Equilibrium, and anything mentally engaging and badass.

Here's a link to my reel - it's 3 mins but hopefully it won't feel like it! LOL

Dawn Prato

Welcome! Nice to meet you :)

Éli Sokhn

Dawnnnnn! Hi! Thank you

Thom Reese

Welcome, Eli.

Jona Doug

Sweet imagery and effects.

Éli Sokhn

Thank you!

Dawn Prato

It's so rare someone pulls Equilibrium out in their lists (usually I find out they like it later on), such a good film! What is it about your feature that you're struggling with?

Martin Reese

Nicely done!

Malcolm Dwain Carter

This reel is outstanding!

Naina Rathi

This is beautiful! Please add me

Erick Freitas

Nice, congrats getting something done!

Michael Barder

Great work!

Pamela Segger

Impressive reel, Éli! I'm curious about your feature film concept. I just invited you to add me to your network. Please be in touch and tell me more. Cheers!

Éli Sokhn

Thanks for the comments! Dawn Prato an extremely underrated movie! Malcolm Dwain Carter Thanks man! Naina Rathi added Erick Freitas Thank you! Michael Barder Thank you! Pamela Segger just added thank you!

Graham P Halky

Like your reel. Stick with STAGE32.COM, it is the number one site for building your career and getting your work out there. Promote Eli, promote your damn ass off. You've got this.

Tatia Snow

Hi Éli! Very impressive reel! Likewise, I have been on this platform for a while but still working in academia. I have decided though this is the right time for me to follow my passion for acting and voice acting and start new projects in this space.

Todd Sorrell

Wow Eli! I enjoyed every second of that. And to back it with that awesome Willy Wonka song... so clever. Keep up the great work.

John Ellis

I'd be happy to read your script and give feedback - for whatever my opinion is worth!

Éli Sokhn

Thanks John Ellis I definitely will take you on that! Thanks Tatia Snow Todd Sorrell \m/

Jeff Zampino

Very cool reel! Particularly loved the "frozen moment in time" effects. I'm a screenwriter in Las Vegas (I also do some production design, but do not touch camera or editing bays)

We do a ZOOM screenwriting group on Wednesdays, and one of the guys on there does similar types of films (I am a comedy guy - Deep as a fishbowl). If you'd ever like to drop in with some pages let me know.

Andy Davoli
Melissa Roddy

Hi Eli, amazing reel!! I too love CHILDREN OF MEN. We need more films and other media on that sort of subject right now. The Willy Wonka song was a great choice. I doubt you really need any help writing, but I write and would be happy to offer feedback or help out if you get stuck. Cheers!

Graham P Halky

Eli, I passed your reel on to V. Accardo at BEAT THE CLOCK.

Éli Sokhn

Hey Jeff Zampino Thank you! I am pushing myself hard to write the outline this month. Melissa Roddy Thank you, I will take you on that offer and get back to this thread once I have something to show. <3 Graham P Halky Thank you!

Stefano Pavone

Welcome to the club. :)

Ralph Soll

Hi Éli, I'm a writer / director / show creator who also teaches screenwriting (NYU, UCLA, Columbia Colege Hollywood and now at a Canadian animation school). Elevated Sci-Fi is one of my favorite genres. I would be interested to chat with you - please feel free to drop me a line.

Louis Robert King

Very cool reel!! Fantastic visuals, nice work all around...

Brandon J. Miller

Hey Eli, great work all around. I'm a screenwriter and have a special effects short script, that has gotten some good attention and would like to share with you. Would you be interested in having a look? feel free to drop me a line and i'll introduce to you who's attached. Thanks

Jacob Tillman

Good looking visuals here! Thanks for coming back to Stage

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Éli Sokhn! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Nice to meet you! Ooo, Equilibrium - great film! What a fantastic depiction of "Gun Fu" LOL! As a martial artist, I love a good fight scene, but as a SciFi fan, I love world-building with clear consequences - Looper is a great example of that, as is Arrival. LOVE Children of Men - that moment, you know the one, is iconic.

I'd love for you to start a post in the Filmmaking Lounge ( and the Post-Production Lounge ( about your experience working with VFX - hell, I'd love to know about your experience with stunts - that one where the guys gets smashed into the wall? EPIC!

Definitely take people up on their offers for script feedback, and if you need, we offer industry script coverage as well: Of course, I'm also a big fan of the Writer's Room as well: We're actually starting world-building on today's webcast!

Great reel! If you're working on anything, I'd love for you to post it in the Your Stage Lounge ( where we post things for feedback. I visit there on Fridays mostly as part of my #FilmmakerFriday as a kind of "Check it before you wreck it" Day LOL!.

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to really connect!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thanks for the love, Graham P Halky! Tatia Snow Definitely check out the Acting Lounge ( - there have been a lot of conversations about voice work of late, as you can imagine. Also, if you've got anything you're working on and would like some feedback, post it to the Your Stage Lounge:

Lyter Daniel

Great job

Scott Sawitz

That reel is awesome... I've been optioned twice, would love to chat.

Billy Kwack

very good, I like

Oscar Ordonez

Éli Sokhn this is sick. I've worked with editing and cinematography and I just have to say that this makes me it look like I've been recording on a potato... hope to learn something from you

Debbie Croysdale

@Eli Had to watch reel twice (and then maybe again) , visual AND psychological roller coaster. Stunning. Happy to chat about writing!

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Éli. Great to connect with you. Impressive director reel! It's one of the best I've seen.

Tameka Mullins

Amazing film! The visuals are stunning!

Erby Beauvil

Omg Eli! This is one of the best reels I have ever seen! Badass is indeed!

Eric Roberts

Wow! Love it. Very engaging. Great song choice, Willy Wonka theme.

Daniel Berber

blow my mind !!!

Maurice Vaughan

Eric, I thought I recognized the music in the director reel. Is that the remix to the song?

Eric Roberts

Could be, I like it better actually than the original. Here's the original.

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks, Eric. I like the version in the director reel better also.

Selma Karayalcin

I love those films 'Children of Men' and 'Equilibrium' - and I loved your reel.

Éli Sokhn

Thank you! Appreciate the love <3

Debbie Croysdale

@Eli hope you made the screenwriting contacts you needed, (question at thread start) there are fantastic links London Screenwriting Festival this month on line and although next festival several months away the contacts/catch up stream/blogs are online all year. Bob Shultz has informal zoom cafe every Sunday morning, plus there’s many other social rooms.

Éli Sokhn

Debbie Croysdale thank you. It's an ongoing quest I think - your ideas are great thanks for sharing!

Edward Bennett

Hi Eli. I'm writing to you in the wee hours of the morning down south of the hemisphere and would like to get in contact regarding screenwriting. I'm a writer myself hoping to sink my teeth into some more visually stimulating content.

Stephen Thompson

“I’ll be your huckleberry”

Robert Russo

Children of Men was a masterpiece. That super long one shot action take in the war torn city was incredible.

Esteban Carbajal

Fantastic work

Chad Ayinde

Yo, yo brother! Have an Alabama based new screenwriter over this way that's spent much of my time writing comic books. Would love to link up! I've completed a few features and tv pilots over the last year or so and won a couple small competitions.

Love animation and all things bad ass!

Mora Rahgozar

Hey Éli. Your work is on point! No lack of creativity and awesomeness there! - judging from the many comments; I'm not the only one impressed! Anyway, I am an established film editor from Copenhagen, with many years of post production experience - but have not worked enough with visual effect films - I would love to do so in the future. - Meanwhile, I'm trying to break in as a director as well. By the way, I've edited dozens of showreels for others - but never got around to actually making one for myself... ha ha. Need to get on that

Daniel Diosdado

Great work!! Outstanding visuals! Congrats!

Heidi Schussman

Based on that video, I'm amazed you're not surrounded by screenwriters trying to be your 'friend!'

I've got a crime series that might interest you. The main characters are a stodgy old detective and a young bodyguard with schizophrenia. Set in Costa Rica.

Michael Pierson

I love your reel, great work. I am an Entertainment Attorney, Executive Producer and Filmmaker. I would love to work with you on a project, either one of ours or one of yours.

Lets connect!

Miroslav Trcak

Éli Sokhn Such and extraordinary work :) I am a screenwriter and a metal/rock music fan. We could work on something together :)

Stephen Marcus

As well as acting/filmmaking I have a walking tour in East London, I'm now LA based. It's a bout true crime and films and several of the locations I visited are from Children of Men. All around Commercial Road in Hackney/Bethnal Green.

I'm living in LA now plus cover has put a stop to walking tours for now. Time to make a huge film.

Elea Carey

Well done!

Stephen Schrum

Now I feel like I'm just jumping on the bandwagon if I say, "Screenwriter here!"

Bruce Radek

Hi Eli, Very Cool work - I'm in Nashville Music City. Love to hear from you, too. Bruce

Éli Sokhn

Mora Rahgozar that's awesome! I actually collaborate with Mads Langer from Denmark. Shot a music video with him here in LA called "me without you" and hhaha yes! let me know if you need any pointers :> Heidi Schussman Ugh i know.. My life is filled with VFX artists and pop artists Lol but this year I'm manifesting more writers and scripted in my life. Thanks for connecting <3

Ted Westby

So... Éli Sokhn Eli. Up to now I really thought Gene Wilder's version of Anthony Newley's brilliant song was the definitive version. Having just watched your reel, I may now have to reconsider. Oh, and I write stuff.

Ted Westby

Éli Sokhn Oh, and I am not kidding, I really need to know who performed that version o' the song. Damn'tastic!

Jamal Hines

Dude! this is one of the best reels I've ever seen!!!

Dan Davis

Éli Sokhn That is an awesome reel! Kept me entertained the whole time.

Billy Kwack

very good it was amazing

Dave Wickenden


Petrice Douglas

Éli Sokhn Your reel needs an award all by itself. Really AWESOME work!!!

David Henderson

Great work!

Erin Dooley

How is the writing going, Eli?

Harvey Read

Some great work here Eli! If the offer still stands, I would love to help in any way when it comes to screenwriting. Hope you are doing and keeping well.

Katherine de Bois

Eli, Holy moly. That was truly inspired and inspiring. Great sound track as well. Can't go wrong with @Harvey Read. He is great. :)

Jeffrey Henderson

Nice work! Hit me up! I'm new to this whole thing and am trying to meet new people and make some connections too...

Irene Peet

Nice meeting you! Great work! Love the music and sound effects too! I license music to film and TV.

Mora Rahgozar

Mads langer is a big deal here! I will check that out! Also, I might have project coming up this year that could use someone with your skillset. Hope I can reach out to you once it is further along. It is set to be shot in Greenland.

Billy Kwack

very nice I like the beginning the best

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