Introduce Yourself : Hi there!!! by Jamie O'Connell

Jamie O'Connell

Hi there!!!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!! Just wanted to reach out and introduce myself. I'm a Writer and Production Assistant looking to get my career started. Any tips and suggestions are welcomed! I look forward to meeting you all!

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Hi Jamie. Welcome to Stage 32. :) I guess the first step would be to check out "Happy Writers" section: - there are so many writing services on there from pitch sessions to pitchfest, from coverage to consulting. But besides that, Stage 32 is all about connecting. You can check out this page to see who else from your area is on Stage 32: Introduce Yourself weekend is also a great time to connect with others so don't forget to stop by and say hi to other people on this board all through this weekend. Cheers.

Shawn Speake

Hey there, Jamie! You're hanging out with the cool kids now. The world is yours! I'm thinking you should definitely check out a monthly webinar with RB. It's really cool.

Shawn Speake

A great way to get connected with the communtiy, and RB even answers your questions. For me, it's the feature that separates S32 from the other social networks. Hope you can make it!

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