Introduce Yourself : Hi there! Great to be here. by Urban Bergsten

Urban Bergsten

Hi there! Great to be here.

I am Urban. Swedish Actor, Director and Screenwriter. Got onboard just recently and already have had some great talks with collegues here. Happy for that. I am here to connect, so hit me up! Have passport, will travel. I am open for all cool stuff (with a little extra passion for the Period pieces, Fantasy and Sci-Fi... and comedy... and tragedy :) ). Again, great to be here and may the gods of creativity be with thee!

Meghan Scott

Hi Urban! Let me know if you ever need a composer!

Aray Brown

Nice to meet you Urban!

Shawn Speake

That's what's up, Urban! Welcome

Tyler McAlister

Hey Urban! Great to meet you!

Brian Alan DeLaney

Welcome Urban!

James Drago

Nice! Welcome!

Urban Bergsten

Thank you, guys!!

Shawn Speake your intro again. Probably one of the strongest intros I've read on S32. Way to write!...

When I joined S32 three years ago, I planned Meetups. It took about four or five, but i met my team, and I'm still reaping rewards from those meetups. Have u thought about having a Meetup?

Urban Bergsten

Wow, thank you!! Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Definately something I´ll do. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you, Shawn and all of you other creatives out there!! Recharge the batteries and then back on the horse again :)

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