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Hugh Potter

Hugh G Potter

Hi, I am a filmmaker based out of Portland, Oregon. Currently trying to produce and direct a screenplay my fellow filmmaker and I wrote titled "Chinook." Chinook is a coming of age drama set in present day Ilwaco, Washington at the mouth of the Columbia River. Set against the backdrop of a small logging and fishing town, Chinook tells the story of a part Native American teenager who must carve a dugout cedar canoe to establish her cultural identity against the tide of racism and indifference against her and her people and her ancestors. I am also collaborating on a documentary titled the “Death of the Comic Code Authority.” We are a small group of comic book fans and aficionados and filmmakers. There was once a code that was forced upon the comic book industry out of fear and intimidation. There have been some who have delved into the sordid history surrounding the inception of the code before. However, our goal is to not re-tell what's already been told about the beginning of the code but instead to attempt to shed some light on how and why the code eventually crumpled under its own weight. We will attempt to show how the code was established upon false information and outright fallacies. How some well intentioned citizens were coerced into angry mob and witch-hut behaviors by self-righteous zealots who thirsted for notoriety and social scapegoats. We will attempt to show how from its birth, the Comics Code Authority was destined to die. I also volunteer as a filmmaker of Operation Walk Freedom to Move. Thanks for connecting and happy collaborating. Hugh Potter

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Hugh! Great news. Keep us posted on your project!

Ace Cheverez


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