Introduce Yourself : I am a Japanese Photographer / Filmmaker, Based In LA by Ko Zushi

Ko Zushi

I am a Japanese Photographer / Filmmaker, Based In LA

I am a Japanese Photographer / Filmmaker in LA and very new to STAGE32 My photography style is eclectic as Portrait, Cinematic and Fine Art. Short Bio: My artistic senses/skills are very much developed from the background of Theatre Arts / Cinematography. After I graduated from CSUN, with BFA in 2009, my wife (Girlfriend at the time) and I founded our own independent Theatre Company called Ghost Players Theatre Co. and produced numbers of dramatic stage productions and films. Over these 7 years, we have practically learned not only the artistic side of our craft but also learned how to budget, how to advertise, what to charge for the admissions of our shows. We created our own aesthetics with little support and make them innovative for our community, utilizing the media of photography&video. We learned those things in hard ways with reality of life:(When we made mistakes in financial practicality, people simply stopped coming to our theatre and we nearly lost all of our own rent money.) Yet, I decided to stay here, when I had the clear option of going back to Japan and find a stable office job---Back then, I had nothing but my dissatisfaction with status quo. It was as though, we went to the circus with little money and did not come home for 7 years. Good old days. Now, I fully gave my manager position to my wife, am now working as an individual photographer. More about me is at

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Ko!

Sam Mann

Hey Ko, I took a look at your work, it's pretty cool. I'd love to connect with you and perhaps hear more about it all sometime.

Aray Brown

Welcome! nice to meet you :)

Debbie Croysdale

Hi Ko and wife Welcome Stage 32. Dig the eclectic edge.

Ko Zushi

Thank you for the warm welcome, guys. I'm still trying to get used to Stage32. I'd much appreciate if you could give some good tips to connect with other artists in my area who have similar vision of creativity with me.

Patrick DelliGatti

Greetings: My book and Screenplay "Airdales of Guadalcanal " is a thrilling story of U S Marine Corps pilots and airdales- aircrews that served at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal. As former marine who served in the Pacific Theater of operations, in WW11, I was inspired to write a gutsy story of the period in August, 1942. Contact Gilbert Literary Agency for the book and movie rights. As one who witnessed World War 11 Pacific campaign history and occupation duty in Japan in 1945. You will not be disappointed from a ninety-one year old writer.I am also, listed under the "Veterans Project in the Library of Congress." Proud American to serve in a great USA. Semper Fi Patrick Delligatti USMC

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