Introduce Yourself : I am looking for a screenwriter collaborator by Marianne Dupré

I am looking for a screenwriter collaborator

Hello everyone. My name is Marianne. I'm French, 19, and I want to be a producer. I am at the moment studying in a business school and I am looking for a screenwriter (beginner or not) to collaborate with me. I already have many projects stored in my computer but I don't have the skills nor the time to edit it into real scripts. I would like to meet a screenwriter who has the same vision as me, and who could collaborate with me on many projects (mine or their, or a creation of us both). If you are interested, please contact me. We will see if we share the same vision, and if so, we could start working together :)

David Hooks

Hi Marianne would like to work as a production assistant ?

Marianne Dupré

Right now I can't (I study full-time) but I will have to look for internships next year and the years after that.

Marianne Dupré

Thank you!

James Drago


Allen Lynch

Good Luck Marianne!

Marianne Dupré

thank you all!

Andrew Essiet

I'm a Screenwriter. How may we collaborate, please.

Gregory Green

Don't count yourself out just yet! I bet you could be a TERRIFIC screenwriter. If you have the vision (I suspect that you do) then you can do it. I was in the same situation as you. Then my wife urged me to write my script. It turned out to be the best advice I ever received! Best of luck, Marianne. Here's my film:

Myron DeBose

Sup Marianne

Marianne Dupré

Thank you everyone for the support!! Gregory I just know I'm not good at writing, never been. Maybe I will try one day when I'll have much more experience and confidence, but as for now I concentrate on my studies and creating a network :)

Gabrielle Holloway

Let's do this. Im a screenwriter. Im aspiring to Produce as well and am experienced with low to high budgets. Is this a paid position?

Marianne Dupré

This is not a paid position.

I feel like I was being misunderstood, and because all of you deserve to work at their pace, I must clarify myself. I am not going to produce anything anytime soon. As I said, I'm only 19, I have absolutely no experience in producing, in cinema, television etc. I am going to enter a business school on a full-time basis, and I will not start to truly work until 3 or 4 years later. I am here to start (and I insist on the "start", again, I have absolutely no connection in this field) a network, and since I will have to collaborate with writers, I am looking to collaborate with one (meaning getting to know someone, see if we have the same wants, dreams, vision).

I am completely aware that it is really, truly hard for screenwriters to have their scripts picked by producers. And I totally, sincerely understand if you don't have time to waste with me, since I won't start to get anything done until 3 or 4 years later.

What I can promise is that, if we are on the same page, I will never give up on my, your, or our projects. My time in business school will allow me to build a strong network and earn essential skills to be a producer, as well as be employed in a studio. I am determined and passionate, and after (if nothing goes wrong) 5 internships, I will be fully competent.

If something is not clear to you, ask me.

And again, thank you for encouraging me :)

Maroun Rached

She's not a minor in France; after 18 years old you're an adult according to French law.

Marianne Dupré

Vitaly thanks. I don't know how to put it in other words (the troubles with second languages) but I understand what you're saying. (and yes I am legally an adult in France)

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