Introduce Yourself : I can't wait to learn more!!! by Alex Reed

Alex Reed

I can't wait to learn more!!!

Hello Everyone, I am very happy to be here and looking forward to extend my knowledge about screenwriting...

Derek Reid

Hello fellow 'Reed' (different spelling). Hope you enjoy the site!

Sean Lovelady

Welcome Alex. My tip would be to look up documentaries on filmmaking. Both on youtube and netfilix. I got a lot out of the great directors this way!

Alex Reed

Hello Derek! :-)

Alex Reed

Thank you Sean, good advice...I will go searching... :-)

Wayne Jarman

Welcome, Alex.

Mike W. Rogers

Good to meet you, Alex.

Kevin Carothers

come stai oggi Alex, tutto bene? Io amo l'ItaliaIo.

...But my Italian is just "tourist".

I hope you enjoy this site and it's a pleasure to meet you!

Alex Reed

Sto bene Kevin, grazie, fa un po' caldo... :-p , thanks for the message and see you around!!!

Eshton Girhere

Hi everybody am glad to join you all, I hope to give you my best and enjoy your best, let's create the world in an extraordinary way

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