Introduce Yourself : I hate marketing by Robert Dukelow

Robert Dukelow

I hate marketing

After publishing five books on Kindle that are well received by readers, I still need to find the tipping point to start the landslide of sales. I don't mind the little checks that dribble into my bank account each month from but I would prefer to see triple digits or larger. My readers would love to see my books turned into films. That is why I'm participating on this website. My career as a counterintelligence special agent causes me to be more cautious than most people about my life. I now am retired. I live in Gilbert, Arizona. I hike in the mountains, write books, raise game fowl, and teach at the local community college. My website is

Annie Mac

Are you thinking of writing a script yourself?

Brian Shell

I feel ya Robert. I'm in the same royalties boat. How do you write a bestseller? First, write a bestseller. Sigh...

Robert Dukelow

I would prefer not to write the script myself. I would like to collaborate with someone who has already learned that skill and watch and help as they did the writing.

Kae Roshun

Writing a script is hard work. Probably harder than developing and writing a novel (for me) but the information I learned from screenwriting has helped with my novels. I'm working on micro-shorts and short films first, and have already written/produced and directed my first short film. The goal is to eventually adapt one of my books to film and of course I'll be writing the first script adaptation to submit for optioning. I'm checking out your website now. Good luck in your journey.

Annie Mac

I agree Kae, screenwriting is exacting in a way writing isn't. I also know this from experience. All the best and BRAVO for your first short film, a great step toward your larger goal! Cheers, Annie

Kae Roshun

Thanks @Annie Mac for your comment and encouragement. Much appreciated! Good luck to you and your endeavors as well.

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Robert!

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