Introduce Yourself : I love to act! by Juliez Frazier

I love to act!

Been on the scene for about two years now. Love what I do. Got a couple of IMDB credits under my belt, a reel, an agent and eligible to be in the union. Looking for more gigs though. Really hungry to learn my craft and work with the best of you. Los Angeles has so much talent. I can learn off any talent who's willing to challenge me. I will also challenge you! My weakness is crying on cue, which I hope to make another strength in my arsenal of tools and if we're a fit for collabs, let's link up and have lunch or scene study whenever you need an audition partner for whatever! See you on set!

DJ Far

Juliez, welcome to the community! Check out the jobs section, there are tons of listings, both paid and unpaid. Good luck!

Juliez Frazier

DJ Will do, thank you for the love! Hey Kathryn...

Kevin Doy Burton

Welcome Juliez. My link:

Juliez Frazier

Awesome Kevin

Pia Lebsund

thank you for connecting

John P. Jack Beckett

Wonderful Juliez. . . I consider myself a verbal and some say glib person. I have worked on movies in the camera dept for almost fifty years. There have been many times where I have been asked to do a walk-on or play some bit, can't do it. When I'm on the other side of the camera its OMA OMA OMA Easter Island statue. I am in aue of actors.

Juliez Frazier

Even on the other side of the camera, John, there's so much passion in this business! Truly looking forward to the day when we're both on set; growth and respect will be the topic of discussion. Thank you for reaching out.

Pia Lebsund

Very strong scenes in your videos ,thank you for sharing. Scarying good.

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