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Introduce Yourself : I make cartoons. by David Andrade

David Andrade

I make cartoons.

Hi everyone! My name is David Andrade. I run a small studio called Theory Animation that makes an animated web-series. Coincidentally, today is the release of our latest cartoon! Check it out below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VesMbeK3guY We also run a website that makes tools for remote/telecommuting collaborators (task management, voice/video communication, etc.) Don't be shy! And let me know what you think ;)

David Andrade

Thanks :D!

Diane Liberman

David, Very funny!

David Andrade

Thanks Diane :) There's two parts, was it easy to find the other?

Chaitanya Kulkarni

That's good one! David, I have a business idea (not a proposal). If you are interested, contact me.

Cindy Clifford

David- this is pretty fabulous and fun. Watched this... then part one... and subscribed for more. Love these two cause, ya know, Ray and Clovis, uh... make me feel warm blooded. If you ever need a mother/sister/girlfriend/Lady Monster.... sign me up. Would love to be part of this.

Richard "RB" Botto

Always good to see you, David. Thanks for sharing.

Simon © Simon

Good stuff. What software did you use to draw that up?

David Andrade

Thanks everyone! :D Chaitanya: I'll send you a message here in a minute Cindy: Thank you! I'll send you a message here too RB: Thank you sir! Simon: Blender :) We posted a few tutorials on our YouTube too

Aruna Chugh

love it!

Aruna Chugh

congratulations! keep it up!

Enikö DeLisle

That was great, David! Looking forward to the next installment!

David Andrade

Thank you Aruna. It's really hard to do these, we often get tunnel vision and then think no one is going to laugh and want to just give up. In fact I just presented this episode while at a comic-con in Austin,TX this weekend where it felt like no one cared. We had maybe 2 people laughing out of an audience of 10 in a room that could fit 200 :P I'm taking it positively though, that's 2 more people who know about us! Plus i found out we were up against a Stan Lee panel during that timeslot. Gotta stay positive :D

David Hernandez

Quite charming and outstanding work. Kudos to you and your talented team. If you ever do any Veteran focused work we have a forum to show it.

Cindy Clifford

That is just so unfair! Being up against a Stan Lee panel is like the Green Lantern offering tips on crime prevention when Superman is giving free flights. But challenges are part of moving forward. Don't stop now- you've got something sweet and fun here and one day maybe you'll be Superman giving out free rides when GL is next door listening to crickets.

John William Doryk

Very cute! Very Creative and fun, in a "Veggie Tales" sort of way.

Margaret S. E. Smith

Great job, David. :)

Lashondra Graves

This is awesome!

Lydea Torres

Oh David that was great. I have a script for a commercial that I would like to send you. I think its only a 30 seconds. But it has to do with one of the Superbowl commercials with squirrels almost getting hit, a continuation of that. Please message me if interested.

Lawrence Costales

Well done David - made me laugh. Hope this does well for you

Diane Liberman

Charming cartoon! Good job! I have written an animated situation comedy pilot called "Leroy's Ace Boom Booms" that would make a cute web series if you are interested in reading it. Cordially, Diane Liberman

Richard "RB" Botto

Thanks for sharing, as always, David.

Dean Gransar

v3ry good!

James Edward St.Clair

Very nice work. I know most filmmakers are not interested in characters created by others. If you are not one of them please get back to me. Thanks.

James David Sullivan

Iguanas will always get you into trouble!

James David Sullivan

Is that Hillary and Trump?

Lisa Levin

That's great!

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