Introduce Yourself : I make pretty pictures... by John DeTemple

John DeTemple

I make pretty pictures...

I just joined the site, seems like a cool community of filmmakers and artists... Here is a peek at my work from last year. I designed, directed, shot, edited and animated it all... Obviously I have lots of experience in the industry, but I am always exploring and looking for inspiration, check it out, and lets talk!!!

Jason Freeman Manson Please check out my blog, I'm eager to enter into the entertainment field of work. It'll be a little hard as I only have a few class's under my belt. I'm a ex professional fight. Fought for years and now work in the oil field. I'll check your work out, welcome to 32. Thank you Jason Freeman

Andre Corrales

The editing and shot composition on these are great!

Hugo Hyz

Nice I like your work man !

Hadi Nasser

i like it thanxx

Peter Kerre

Wow! Amazing work

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

John - wow. I have to say any reel that starts with the NHL is a reel after my heart, but, honestly, your work is incredibly slick. Your ability to draw emotion out of your cuts and slow-mo is uniquely "you". I like your choices as a cinematographer between light and dark to draw attention to a subject. And, did you do the score for your reel too? If so, well done. You nailed it. Great showpiece of your capabilities. Glad to have you here.

John DeTemple

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words... Lots more to show!

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