Introduce Yourself : I want to know about you ... by Luis R. Quintero

Luis R. Quintero

I want to know about you ...

If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

Preston Poulter

My sex tape.

DC Brandon

Nailing honesty in film against prevailing political correctness and societal pressures.

Maria Torrez- Ellsperman

My creative ways of resourcing, researching, and hacking. LOL Pens Up!

Elisabeth Meier

For that people can't wait to see my next film. They wait for it like for the next Harry Potter or the new iPhone on the street, in front of cinemas... days and nights before it will be released...

Annyk Sebestyén

For giving an honest performance and being truthful.

Fiona Faith Ross

What a FABULOUS topic. I'd like to be famous for one kick-ass sci-fi screenplay. You know - like Michael Arndt is famous for "Little Miss Sunshine", or Vince Gilligan for "Breaking Bad". One will do, although naturally, I shall be trying for more.

Elisabeth Meier

Fiona, you should be trying for more, because the name of the screenwriter will soon be forgotten. I got to know and kept in mind Nancy Meyers for instance only with her second self directed screenplay. And must admit I probably wouldn't remember her if she hadn't also directed the film.

Alae Hatoum

Food for thought , but what I think my calling in life is at the moment is making loops , smart , creative and challenging loops , the reason why I love it is because it involves calculations and math and in a way it is showing that math is beautiful , math is art and it is so integral

Philip Onions

It is better to be remembered for something good! I live in a small rural community, everyone knows (or thinks they know) everyone else. When anyone does something really stupid or really funny, it's quite frightening how quickly that word spreads and with a name like mine! Well, meeting a stranger for the first time and them looking you up and down and saying thoughtfully..."Oh, you're that Philip Onions!" ...Well, I don't want to be famous quite frankly! I'd rather just make people happy anonymously! And bank a good cheque!

Kristopher Rickards

Becoming famous could actually be a negative for me. I suffer from big ego & Dunning Kruger syndrome already.

Philip Onions

Being famous in itself is one thing, but surely it is what a person does with their fame that truly defines them. There are so many really famous people out there who make a huge difference in the world and use their fame for good. Nelson Mandela for example, was famous long before he became president of South Africa, but he used his fame for something really worthwhile. Now that is something people should all try to emulate.

Alexander C Torri

Nice question! I want to think I would be famous for innovating a new direction of music in film. It seems impossible looking from the outside, but when viewing the room for expansion from a compositional standpoint, the possibilities are endless. I guess I would be famous for making music immersive in film. Did I speak to much!? ;-)

Shane M Wheeler

Famous for, at the age of forty, having used his screenwriting cash to construct a biology lab, unleashing wonders and horrors upon the world undreamt of by mortal man! For the good of the Earth, do not let me succeed! You'll doom us all!

Johan Verwey

For being 'man, you know that guy who does the subtitles - he's the absolute best. What's his name again?'

Arhynn Descy

Mandela became famous for what he did. He started off as a complete unknown, fighting for justice and didn't lose sight of that goal. Being famous was a by-product of that fight.

Inguna Brazil

Standing up for rights and protection of most vulnarable and advocating about needs of disabled people and children. Organizing and running charity appeals for their necessesities. Writng novels ,lifestories and poems . I think so , but to that NOW still long way to go!

Michelle Barber

To Philip Onions - fantastic name and fantastic attitude. So refreshing.

Fernando Rojas-Santos

For writing original stories that make people cry, laugh, jump on the seat and think; stories that will become household names.

Grant Vuille

For 40 years of working in the theatre as a performer, singer, & back stage tech.

Clark Lewis

Acting in great films and television

Andrew Hoffman

I will be famous for my personality, characteristics, tradeskills and interviewing tactics. I plan on interviewing several people I have in mind. to start with, so far the list goes Jim Carrey, Joe Rogan, Criss Angel, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Tosh,( from Tosh.o) and Skrillex the dubstep master. This is just a start, but these people have profoundly influenced my life and I want to return the favor Buy giving them incredible interviews! asking them questions no other has done before!.. this is part of my plan of making an impact on this world by asking questions. The one thing you can do to get by and make something of yourself is always ask questions!

Angel Luis Arambilet Alvarez

You mean that there are not famous people here? Oh dear! Joke aside, let's dissect the question at hand. Fame is elusive, brief, and you have no control over it, one day is there... the other, puf! You will be famous mostly for the perception of others, your media uptime, your screen minutes, your sphere of influence, for ratings, for complex collaborative processes (such as cinema), the effort of your agent and maybe, sometimes, not so often, or so widely accepted globally, for your talent among other talented people. In fact, fame means little compared to self-realization. It's much better to be REMEMBERED for your actions and your creative hard work (the creation of this social gathering is a good example of it), famous or not. But if you get there, to the exclusive club of famelandburg, well... don't be a stranger, remember us at Stage 32 and give us a wink and a good gig!

Elisabeth Meier

@Shane M Wheeler - That sounds like a great idea for a story... :) Maybe a short film first, but cool stuff!

Annyk Sebestyén

Well said Angel Luis Arambilet Alvarez, I couldn't agree with you more! I like: "to be REMEMBERED for your actions and your creative hard work". Also, for having done something good or interesting in this world. Fame is not necessarily an indicator of talent or hard work. At least in the arts that seems to be the case.

Kenneth Knight

Did you say famous or infamous? I get the two mixed up. Famous would be rescuing someone or saving a life. Infamous... Lets not go there! :>

Jorge J Prieto

I, for being a caregiver and a servant to my family, my friends, my bosses, my customers and every life that I come in contact with. Saving another person life is the most rewarding thing one can do and I got to do just that when I donated a kidney to my ailing father six years ago and watching him now full of life.

Estrella L. Riddick

Fame... Hmm...I don't look for fame. If it where to come to me though. It would be for my giving ways of life. I love to help people more then myself. With my role as a Massage therapist when I see people able to walk after years of joint pain it really warms my heart. Even when it's a very sad moment, like having to say goodbye to my Hopis client which was also my grandfather. "Thank you, Baby...." His final words to me before he went to bed for that last sleep. It was a really bitter sweet feeling that day.

Linde Hayes

I want to be famous for my kindness, I'm a 100% mother through and through, not just to my kids, but to everyone around me. My family and friends say I take people on who most need someone, the lost puppies they say lol , I want to also be known for my artistic soul, my need to do the crazy . You only have one life, live it like there's no tomorrow:)

Linde Hayes

Estrella, I am also a Massage therapist, have been for ten years and I still love it! I also am not looking for fame, I just want to do what I love and never stop!:)

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