Introduce Yourself : I will be training in NYC during the summer - German Actress from UK by Jasmin Egner

I will be training in NYC during the summer - German Actress from UK

This summer I will be training at the William Esper Studio in NYC and I would love to spend my (probably rare) free time connecting and collaborating with my American industry colleagues in the area. I am a German actress with Film and Stage credits and have been based in the UK for the past 5 years. I speak fluent English, can offer a reasonable Scottish accent and a variety of German accents as well as German with foreign accents - in case you are shooting something that requires German. You never know. I am a kind person, pleasant to work with and have a very positive attitude. As I will be in the US on a student visa I will unfortunately not be able to accept payment for any projects I am booked on, but am more than happy to donate my time in this case. Get in touch via my profile and let's chat projects!

Geveryl Robinson

Welcome, Jasmin!

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Jasmin. Be sure to also check out the Stage 32 Meetup section in the Lounge. There were a couple of Stage 32 Meetups forming in NYC last I looked. Best wishes with all your pursuits.

Jasmin Egner

Hey Richard, thank you so much! I'll have a look and hopefully get to meet up with fellow filmmakers :)

Richard "RB" Botto

Happy to help out, Jasmin. Best of luck with the training!

David Goodall

Scottish accents? Ausgezeichnet!

Jasmin Egner

That did make me giggle, David :)

Geveryl Robinson

Welcome, Jasmin!!! Have a Happy!

Vanessa Youngblood-Brown

Jasmin, great having you in the US! Would you be so kind to share our New Music Website with your friends via Twitter and Facebook? We need the support! Thanks.

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