Introduce Yourself : Icebreaker by Joel Yagual

Joel Yagual


If you had the chance to be an actor in your next life who would you be? Why? Would you stick with your current career title/ goals or would they be different?

Mat Nichol

I think I would be any working actor who can make a decent living. That's all I want from it.

Rebecca O'Donnell

Angelina Jolie. She uses her talent and fame to do so much good for the world. A true inspiration.

Johnny Praize Hernandez

Tom Hanks minus his religion...

Suzanne Ordonio

I agree with you Rebecca

Lina Jones

I would be Charlize Forin because she's HAUTE! & she's so versitile. She can transform from sexy to cold hearted to a monster like she did in the movie Monster.

Marcus Thomas

Me...I don't have a top of the line name, but I don't need it because I'm still working and that's what matters. My goals/title would remain the same because this is what I love to do and I am very content with my choices and accomplishments thus far. I'm not saying the money and fame wouldn't be great but at the same time, I think the best part is the journey. Where's the fun if you already have everything!?

Joel Yagual

Very cool guys.. love the fdbk

David Lawrence Konen

This is an INTERESTING one, because I think of all the actors whom I've known (actresses included), I think I could see myself incarnated as Emilio Estevez. He had done some good movies.

Mark Ashworth

Myself,to desire to be someone else would be to forsake the blessings and achievements I myself have made in this life. I would push myself to become more involved in the arts at an earlier age. I'm sure all people feel as though they wish they could have the time back. Blessings Joel.

Julie Gold

Audrey Hepburn-I loved how versatile she was.

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