Introduce Yourself : I'm a Screenwriter---Pray For Me! by Pj McIlvaine

Pj McIlvaine

I'm a Screenwriter---Pray For Me!

Yes, that's right--I'm a screenwriter, and I get my heart broken every day. God must love screenwriters, She made so many of them. I've had two movies produced (one was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, but who's bragging), my horror short BURIED ALIVE is going to be featured in an award winning horror anthology web series, have a family holiday under option, two projects in pre-production,and have a slew of irons in the fire. I'm the Queen of multi-tasking. I've written just about every genre but porn, my wheelhouse is family material but I can get down and dirty. I challenge myself every day to think outside the box and my comfort zone. You only have one life to live. Live it as a screenwriter!

Amanda Toney

Great to have you in the community PJ. Best of luck to you and congrats on all your successes!

Ron Brassfield

PJ, with your distinctive moniker, I know I know you from some board somewhere, sometime, maybe Moviebytes, or ScreenwritingU, I'm not sure. Anyway, glad to hear of your successes to date, and it sounds like you really have a winning spirit. So, may you get the right thing to the right person at the right time, to enjoy a big success for all your efforts.

Pj McIlvaine

Ron, thanks for the kind words. The key is to have multiple projects out there, so you never have time to obsess about any one. Right now I'm currently juggling three screenplays.

Theresa Clark

Hi PJ. How is your process of juggling three screenplay?. I'm doing the same and would like to know your routine in the matter. Congrats on your successes by the way!

Will Walker

I wish you great success.

Ruby Zandra Waller

PJ, you had me when you said "She". And yes, I agree, God must love Screenwriters because She sent me back here to become one and tell Her story and grow Her Kingdom and provide a safe haven for Her children. She comforted me when I woke up alone in Heaven reborn. I'm thinking She joined me in this body when I return comforting me as I try and do this thing for her and Father God for the sake of the Children. She wants them prepared for the final War with Satan. She wants Her children safe on Earth until it is time for them to return to Her in Heaven. She said I can return when I'm finished here. I'm fired up and ready to start writing this Screenplay again the right way. Her way. Congrats on your rewards. I'm excited about finishing up and getting my rewards when I get back to Heaven.

Benson Descartes

Are you trying to make some kind of point, Alle? 30 seconds on Google would give you the answer! Long may your success continue, PJ.

Pj McIlvaine

Theresa---Vulcan mind meld. No, really, it's discipline---I write every day. I mean EVERY day, even if it's only a sentence. One script is on my laptop, the other two are on my Mac. When I'm on the Mac, I work on those, when I'm on the laptop (usually at night watching TV with the kids) I write on that one.

Pj McIlvaine

Hey Alle, I was waiting for you to show up. I can't discuss the specifics of the lawsuit itself since I signed a NDA, but the suit was settled without me paying a dime (Fox basically folded up its carnival tent and went home). It was a very arcane copyright issue that was never going to trial. The emotional toll it took on me and my family, that I can talk about. I was devastated. One minute I was happily preparing for my first grandson's baptism, the next I was crushed. I was terrified that my screenwriting career was over. The stress and worry contributed to my husband's meltdown. I learned very quickly which friends stood by me (some very unexpected) and others (some who I didn't expect) threw me under the bus while driving it. Luckily I found two great lawyers who were smart and savvy and a year later, it was over. But what a year. Through my despair, I wrote what I still consider my best script. I bled on every page. And soon after the suit was settled I got a wonderful writing for hire gig that paid well, and they didn't give a rat's ass about the lawsuit. Some people now consider it my badge of honor, because I held my head high and didn't collapse under a bridge somewhere. Nothing like being sued for $15 million to test your mettle. I was an easy target--I never hid under a fake identity--and while I wish the whole fiasco had never happened, it did, can't change it, not gonna write under a fake name, I became a better writer, and the people I work with or who are championing me, it doesn't matter to them. I let my work speak for itself.

Theresa Clark

Thanks for informing me of your methods. I thought I was crazy working on multiple scripts. I see that I'm not alone. Actually I know others do the same, just nice to hear it from someone else.

Theresa Clark

Wow. I somehow missed your whole message to Alle. Don't know what to say about your ordeal except that you've been through the valley, but made it through.

Deana Moody

Congrats and Welcome

Padma Narayanaswamy

I will pray for you and you pl pray me I am also a screen writer . I have completed five . I am also looking for a Producer. Three of my scripts are posted here.

Richard "RB" Botto

You're the best, Pj. Loved that original post.

Pj McIlvaine

Thank you, Richard. Right back at you. I've been battered and bruised for sure, but I get back up.

Richard "RB" Botto

And that's not only the sign of a creative who understands the game, but one that's driven to win the game as well.

Joe Giambrone

Good luck PJ.

Pj McIlvaine

The keys: have multiple projects in the pipeline, always be working on something new, don't obsess on what is outside of your control, take chances, seize opportunity when it presents itself even if you fall flat on your face, think positive and smile even when you're dying inside. Don't let them see you cry!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Pj... thank you for your inspiration. I like the 'have multiple projects in the pipeline".... yes I agree that's the way to get through it.

Claudio Latini

Good Luck Pj! I think you are going on the right way!

Manuel Joaquin Santiago

PJ, you're awesome! I pray that God continues to Bless You!!!

Graham Giddy

I know how you feel, I go to Hillsong every Sunday, when the band strikes up and the young ones jump up and down I wish I had had a few few extra wines the night before to continue partying as I pray. Somehow it is slowly working and this Sunday morning ...Saturday night for you I will add you in my long list of requests. Never stop trying.

Rodrigo Diaz

Your disposition will get you where you want, PJ.

Graham Giddy

just letting you know I did say a pray at Hillsong on Sunday for you. I suppose this thought has my mother and father turning in their graves. Like you I am multi tasked, just in the last few minutes finished my latest novel due out around xmas I am told. I am not over religious but at my age I am willing to give it a go. Once again PJ, all the best with what ever you dream of.

Sherie Suter

I will pray for you as a actress who is a Christian it makes me sad how little quality scripts there are for family friendly story's. Stay true to your self and fight the good fight! And know you are not alone !

Valerie Michele Oliver

Blessings to you, PJ. I know I owe you a message reply, but life is so full now, and the project I reached out to you about ("Born Again" TV series) is not on a front burner yet. ;-)

Karen Franklin

I don't pray but I do write (which is a blessing) and it looks to me like you're doing great! You have so many good things going on in your writing house right now, I don't understand why your heart is broken everyday. Keep up the good work and stay focused on all the positives, you're got more than a lot of us. -kf

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