Introduce Yourself : I'm new to Stage 32 by Leonie Ann Garlick

Leonie Ann Garlick

I'm new to Stage 32

Hello there, I'm new to the site... just wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to network effectively on it? Thank you, Leonie Ann Garlick

Dan C. Corley

First WELCOME! Second just make as many connections as you can and let them know what you want or need. SOMETIMES it pays off.

Leonie Ann Garlick

Thank you very much for the warm welcome! I have truck loads of passion... I just need people equally as passionate to share it with :)

Art Thomas

Welcome Leonie! You've already taken the first step. What are you specifically interested in? If we can't assist you, I can most likely find someone who can. Art Thomas c/o Main Man Films

Leonie Ann Garlick

Thank you so much for the reply! I am a travel/fiction writer... and I would love to embark on a new little adventure :) I look forward to being in your network! Warm wishes, Leonie

Adrian Sierkowski

I'd say be yourself, write some stuff in some forums, ask some questions and click "accept" when people add you to their networks. Or rather, that's what I do..

Tom Strauch

hey leonie, welcome!! if you ever need quality music for your projects please get in contact. you can check our music here: cheers, tom

Yvonne Coughlan

Hey Leonie, I think you're doing most excellently well already. keep that passion alive and share it with like minds. Welcome.

Terrell Lamont

Hi Leonie, I'd love to know what you do and how we can network.

Mark John Waite

Hi Leonie, Link services you want attached to your profile like Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Twitter... This really helps to network effectively on most of the major social networks! Enjoy, Mark Waite

Seán Martyn

Hi Leonie and a warm welcome to you. By doing what you have just done you have got my attention, I agree with everything that has been said above keep it up your doing grand

Leonie Ann Garlick

Thank you so much for the advice, everybody! I can't wait to network with you. I particularly liked your comment, Yvonne- passion is very important in creative industries! I am a travel/fiction writer and I am also into photography :) The editor of a magazine that I used to work for suggested the site to me! Thanks again! Warm wishes, Leonie

Robin Chappell

You're doing it right here. Read discussions, and see who's on what and who seems to know what they're talking about. And don't sell your soul for anything!

Aiden Rudd

Hi Leonie, welcome! Stage is a great place to network with other creatives, especially other writers and producers. It's awesome that Stage is getting so much more popular.

Lina Jones

Hey Leonie, I would say network socially SN join as many as you can handle informing people of what you do, you'll get some interested folks. #SWEETWEETS @videoBL

Richard "RB" Botto

Some great advice on here...Thanks to all who have shared their tips. If I could make one more suggestion it would be to read the FAQ (link at the bottom of each page)...Also, under the Browse menu option, you will see the archives for the Tip of the Week. These sections will give some insight into all of the features and resources the site has to offer. Most importantly, be active! Best of luck, Leonie...And welcome.

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