Introduce Yourself : Improv Artist in Short Shorts with Barbie Walkie by Mark Roman

Mark Roman

Improv Artist in Short Shorts with Barbie Walkie

I'm Mark Roman. I'm a SAG-AFTRA actor, writer, and comic. I improv the way normal humans breathe. If you ever see a dude in short shorts, cowboy hat and Barbie walkie on Hollywood Boulevard and lately The Las Vegas Strip ... that would be me. Yes, I'm FFIREHS. People call me Lt. Dangle or Super Troopers or "that dude from Scream". Tom Lennon calls me "bigger". I proudly street perform ... because in good conscience I could never hold a "real job" the way the executives of Freedom Industries do. I'd rather give strangers laughs and smiles instead of poison in their water. I'm odd that way. I'm on Stage 32 to connect with other artists. I was kicked out of college when I refused to cease publication of the independent student newspaper I founded. I can never serve in the military as I was put on the FBI's Subversives List. Anyone claiming to be an agent or manager I have great difficulty trusting. I adore the freedom of street performance and stand-up comedy. I'm open to private gigs and paid artistic collaborations under the right conditions. I don't report to bosses. I do take direction from directors exceptionally well. Apparently I'm not as philanthropic as everyone you know who works at their "real job" for free. When I can afford to visit my son and send him to college and me to the bankruptcy attorney, I'll consider donating what I do as an artist. Yes, I'm unlike anyone you might possibly imagine meeting. Yes, I'm grossly underpaid for the joy I deliver to hundreds of people daily. Yes, Erin Brochovich is my spirit animal and Mark Twain is my mustache muse. Yes, I'm a narcissist ... but you can't then marvel at how I easily talk to strangers. You have to make a decision.

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