Introduce Yourself : In the vortex of my creative energy by Eddie James

Eddie James

In the vortex of my creative energy

Hey, beautiful creatives!

I'm a little late to the game here on Sunday evening in Hollywood but so happy to jump in the pool! I've been writing all weekend and living in that swirling vortex of my pulsating creativity so it was one of those times where large chunks of time kept disappearing.

I want to be part of this weekend's "introduce-yourself", so here I am. I'm about 6 months new to Stage 32, 4 years in LA after 20 years on the "great white way" (Broadway), and 25 years in the biz. Okay, no more resume!

I'm a shy extrovert which means I observe, evaluate then jump! And once I'm in... I'm in for the long haul. So I'm ready to grow my network and meet more people, such a paradox right now but gosh I really need it. I'll be sending out requests and PLEASE send me requests as well. I'm in the Writers' Room and so impressed with the level of courage and tenacity in there. Let's connect and talk biz... or... life.

Eddie James

Todd Sorrell

There are few better places to spend time than in a swirling vortex of creativity, Eddie! Glad you had a productive day. Remember when Sundays were typically lazy? Now, I don't even know what day it is, and don't care, as long as there are swirling vortices happening! Aloha from Hawaii :-)

Eddie James

LOL! I'm high achieving to a fault. That's the New Yorker in me. Thanks Todd.

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