A Letter From Our CEO – Now, Community Matters More Than Ever (COVID – 19)

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Introduce Yourself : Inspired by Rich Botto by Patrick Avella

Patrick Avella

Inspired by Rich Botto

I haven't been on Stage 32 much but after receiving a newsletter from the CEO I was inspired. When Rich said "As creatives, we often work in isolation, but we’re able to break free of the inner sanctum of our minds and go out, be social, interact with others, and feel human" it brought me to tears as it was such a familiar feeling that I could not have articulated better. I was so moved that I updated my profile and now introducing myself in this forum. I am a writer/director and filmmaker in New York. The current situation has halted all film work though I have been able to write(finishing two screenplays) and be creative in ways I would not have been able to normally. I would love to connect with other filmmakers on this site and hope once the earth heals we may meet and collaborate. Stay safe and healthy!

Amanda Toney

Patrick, I'm so glad you came back to Stage 32. It's so true, we do work in isolation and you have this wonderful community to always be a part of and come back to every day to lift you up! I checked out your profile and The Room was a blast to watch. I also love your logline for iParent - sounds really, really cool - is that one of the 2 screenplays that you're finishing now with the quarantine?

Glad you were inspired by @RichardBotto's letter today. It motivated a lot of people and it's cool to see the community all come together.

Wayne Jarman

Welcome back, Patrick.

Maurice Vaughan

Pleasure to meet you, Patrick.

Sandeep Sharma

Patrick, fantastic post!

I'm in BK.

Let's meet when all of this settles.

Patrick Avella

Pleasure to meet all of you! Sandeep Sharma , definitely would love to meet up once this is all over! Amanda Toney , glad to be back! Yes, iParent is one of the screenplays I'm working on. It's a tough one since it's hitting a little too close to home right now! I have a short film version of iParent that I've submitted to a number of festivals. Looking forward to making more connections here!

Ian Cai Mercer

keep trying, all you can do.

Vasco Saraiva

Hey Patrick! Nice to meet you! Ya keep on writing and being creative in any way!!

Richard "RB" Botto

Grateful to you, Patrick Avella. Thanks for making this post. I'm beyond touched. Appreciate you picking up the torch and carrying the message. I truly do believe we're all in this together. Now's a time to be more social, not to turn inward. It's a time for selflessness and collaboration. Negativity has no place in my world right now - or at any other time, for that matter, but especially right now. There will always be the self promoters and the broadcasters. Give me the collaborators and the givers all day long. Let's keep posting, sharing, inspiring, motivating and lifting each other up.

Patrick Avella

Ian Cai Mercer Vasco Saraiva great to connect with both of you! Richard "RB" Botto thank you for the kind words! Absolutely will do my part in lifting up! Stage 32 is part of what the internet is meant to do; Bring people from away, closer together!

Richard "RB" Botto

All about making the world smaller and lifting each other up.

Eric Maus

Hey Patrick! In the same situation as you in Brooklyn. I've been writing up a short film series these days to stay busy.

Patrick Avella

Eric Maus strange times! That's great about your series! Hopefully once this all blows over we can get a group together. Sandeep Sharma you're in BK as well, correct? I'm in LIC, Queens so we are all close.

Sandeep Sharma

Patrick & Eric, Let's meet.

Eric, I am in BK as well. We can figure out a mutual place for all of us to grab coffee or drinks.

Kelly Maureen Desmore

Redoing our Indie Fest Online, time now to do it from home:)))

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