Introduce Yourself : Interested in doing a major project? by Lenny Levy

Lenny Levy

Interested in doing a major project?

I was thinking tonight, which I often do, and a concept of a major project ran through my brain. It will be a sort of rock opera, involving music, words, dance and other elements. It's too big a project for one person so I'm looking for collaborators who can bring knowledge of U.S. history, especially the unwritten history of our nation, and who can bring skills needed to design a major project like this. If you're interested, connect with me here.

Richard "RB" Botto

Intriguing idea, Lenny. Once you have this fleshed out, you should put a post up in our Jobs section outlining the project and your needs. Sure you would get tons of applicants and interest.

Elle Kunnos de Voss

Hi Lenny, nice to meet you. it sounds like a very interesting concept - in this time when platforms are being reconfigured! I'd love to hear more about it. I am a production designer, working widely across the field. I also collaborate on writing (libretto) and designing opera/dance and theater. have a great weekend!

Mark Mcgary

Hi Lenny,

I was in my study, packed with overflowing chemistry notes, the budget ledger, the amazing surround of perhaps a week, several coffee cups, a loose mike, speaker, masking tape, tiny t-3.5-4.5 drive cards, titles, cameras, photos...and an antique level, the bullet kind in dark walnut...with stanley #260 embossed there in, with the curious yellow bubble gradient of 45 degrees...missing.

All to a happy fufillment, as I consider the amazing placment of first at leader board, world wide in scope, and notes of accepting the 500 dollar prize for disease forecast, at the nCoV insult competence, a metric of my standing Jan-Mar to our shared lives.

Out spilled from the stack....the notes of script at

"Tales from the tin box."...the salvaged notes of Dr. Watson.

While...among many scripts...and so curious as a parallel to the "current sherlock series...I can hardly believe that the matrix of "Holmes has been expended. " I quote from that see...."

"Within a medical practice, there are case studies of which are remarkable and interesting above routine. And, arriving in the time of pandemic...the case of a young girl with a presentation of asymetrical growth at the margin of right ear, superior and distal to the fossa, with soft margin and a curious teardrop shape. Other wise excellent baseline to growth and comparative (robust) health, whole to the patient summary.

I could see not exemplar surgical debridement as advantage. An expanded familial regard, expanded the case as a bit more remarkable...with blood type,

(AB+) and a history of lodgings to the college quarter of Campton Docks, and advantage at crew membership to Yaught 20 club, with its garden and vista to the sea. A robust and pleasant...expression and demeanor noted at interview.

All of the familial exposure to the disease progression noted in post exposure to pandemic, as latent to the general quarters, were remarkable in survival...indeed to mild illness and notes of asymetrical good health while the entire cohort of the building were determined within fatality."

Thus, 87% data to the mult *

What was astonishing in the larger data was a CT pictograph exposing a linear tract of subdural thickening with heavy metal pictel traced finding, as indeed to cranial vault.

It was long a trace, that the mallable cathect of Mr. Sherlock Holmes had superseded an investigational stance of quite startling science.

And, here, I confess to being astonished at the instance of physiological survival at an astonishing exposure to viral insult competence.

Indeed, the case notes..and subsequent contact trace across the population, was so extrodinary and multi taxid in scope as to preclude any notion of what is routine to the surgical and pharmacodynamic to population.

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