Hello good peeps of Stage 32, I haven't utilized the introduction platform yet, so here I am saying hello. I am an independent producer and aspiring screenwriter. I have produced a number of short films as well as two feature films -- one distributed and one awaiting distribution. Currently, I've been working as a writer's assistant and looking to transition into writing and development full time. I've received my Masters from USCs School of Cinematic Arts where my focus was writing. All that said, I recently moved back to NY from LA and I'm looking for a writing partner (preferably someone in the NY area). I know writing partnerships are usually organic relationships that build over time, but I don't know many NY filmmakers/writers, so I'm just putting it out there on this platform. I'll also use that job-post page as well. So if you, or anyone you know, are looking for someone to collaborate with, split writing time (due to full-time jobs), and build a career and professional relationship with, please give me a shout. I'd love to chat and we can read eachother's material. Also, I suppose you could look at the job board, where I may list some more details. Stage 32 has been great so far, especially the Happy Writers and webinars area. Now I'm looking to become more immersed within this fine community. Cheers! -Alex Cress

Matt Hurd

Welcome, Alex! Best of luck with all your endeavors - wish I knew some NYC folks I could point in your direction.

Alex Cress

Thanks, Matt! Appreciate it. And best of luck to you too!

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome Alex. Great IY post! Dig your energy and spirit. Grateful for all the kind words regarding Stage 32 and the Happy Writers.

Flint Rascal

Welcome back Alex!! Also what genre are you aiming towards?

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