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Aileen Kilburn

Introduce Yourself

Hi Everybody, I've been posting but never introduced myself. Truth is I just figured out how. What a dummy! Well, this is Aileen "been around a long time" Kilburn. In the movies, I've watched us go from innocence to the anti-hero to just plain sex and violence. There's not much I can relate to so I'm starting a new genre, "Crossover Christian". Action/Horror movies with no cursing, no explicit sex, not overly violent for the middle of the road Christian like me, but too much for the devout Christian. Think it'll work?

Sherryle Kiser Jackson

Hello Stage 32 I am a storyteller. I am an author of eight books, trying to imagine a new way of telling my stories. I have successfully staged three adaptations for festivals in and around the DC area. Screenwriting is a new frontier I want to conquer. Working on a short that I'm looking to shot if I have to do so myself with my IPHONE.

Nelle Nelle

Absolutely! You are speaking to and undeserved community. I have friends and family who have the same complaint: there's too much sex and violence. I'd agree, one of the main reasons I can't get into some of the most popular shows on TV right now. Let's connect. I'd love to hear about your work.

Aray Brown

If it executed right, it'll work. Rooting for you

Reneta Sikes

Hi nice idea and Sherryle I just created a Branding myself video using mostly images and some video that I cited or used my own images that I created telling my story of why someone would hire me. I am not much of a writer so I have a friend editing the written for me. If you would like to see it, it is a first draft and I am working on the final I can send you the link.

Aileen Kilburn

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments.

Chris-Jean Clarke

If the number of book publishers who are solely representative of authors who have penned a Christian story are anything to go by, Aileen, I believe there is a market for your film, and it will be well received.

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