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Kaye Bewley

Introduce yourself weekend...

Hello all,

Great to have this opportunity to find out what you're all about. If I can help publish and promote your work, give me a shout. I must admit I have three authors to work with at the moment, but I'm always looking for other work that 'aspires to inspire'.

Trust you are coping with this lockdown madness - did you know it all happened a little over a hundred years ago too? The Spanish Flu - and the thing is, the powers that be were promoting the use of telephones then so people could 'stay safe at home'. So, I guess there's nothing new under the Sun, eh?

As for me personally, I found myself living in a camper during lockdown (more by predicament than by choice, I hasten to add), and my - what an experience! To borrow a line from a Queen lyric, it was 'Very, very frightening indeed' - at one time, I was told I was going to be burned alive. I think I must have had God on my side as everything soon settled and people began to act normal again. However, I do think since that hairily scary moment, I've been the most isolated person on the planet (of course, if you don't count people living in wooden cabins in the middle of forests around the world which is where I would dearly love to be right now!). However, life goes on and you get to live another day.

How about you? Would love to hear of your experiences. Perhaps I'll publish an anthology of stories from like-minded folk.

All my best for every day that you breathe the free air of this planet we all share.


Kaye Bewley


Sue Lange

Your story sounds like it might make an interesting indie movie. What was the predicament that caused you to live in a trailer?

Kaye Bewley

Am working on it! I had to give up my job and accommodation went with it. Hey ho. You live and learn.

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