Introduce Yourself : Introduce yourself with a logline by Sille Larsen

Sille Larsen

Introduce yourself with a logline

Hello, my fellows!

We all know how hard it can be to create a logline for our work!

To describe a script or a short film with only 1 sentence is almost impossible to do just like that! I admit I haven't created a logline on only one sentence. But the good thing is we have plenty of time to practice!

Now I want to give my fellows an opportunity to introduce themselves with only one sentence! think about you are going to make a logline about yourself and it can only be in one sentence!

I will read all the comments and I will <3 the best once!

Now let's get this challenge started.

Have a great day


Scott Adlai Stevenson

Yes, a one-liner can be difficult. I have Parkinson''s and I am legally blind and I am having trouble doing one word that it takes me forever!!! HELP I need to get my story out there while the gettin is good!!! LOL

Karen "Kay" Ross

A retired massage therapist and reserved free-spirit gives up her second career of teaching to pursue her passion in the film and television industry, but when the demands of her life force her to take production jobs, she must decide if she will continue to help others' dreams come true or if she'll make the leap of faith to create her own original material.

Sounds like a lame film, though, right? LOL

Stefano Pavone

A campaigner with Asperger Syndrome buries himself in his literary fantasies in order to escape from reality while struggling to cope with his perennial anxiety and depression.

Jeff E. Gregory

A former IT pro-turned advice -giver goes about seeking whom he might help ignite a passionate novel adaptation for film or series.

Jeff E. Gregory

What a tremendous idea this is!

Skye Avalon

My name is Skye Avalon and I am a painter, performance artist and personal life coach who uses elements of performance art to visually communicate metaphors to celebrate the power of the goddess. xoxo

Scott Adlai Stevenson

HI Skye welcome so nice to see you here!!!

Christine Capone

Christine, who gave up a career in Boston and moved to LA to work in the entertainment industry, realized that going after her dreams is more difficult than she ever imagined and wonders if leaving her family and friends and everything she worked hard for was actually worth it.

Scott Adlai Stevenson

NEVER BE LESS THAN YOUR DREAMS and never ever give up!!!

Christine Capone

No, I'll never give up but I do miss everyone. I do have a great life in CA though. So I can't complain : )

Kinney Scott

thats funny how things go ..good luck to you also (:

Wally Wu

Gotta keep grinding and never stop.

Daisy White

Daisy, a struggling writer has just discovered a Japanese newspaper hidden in a box, dated 1916. It's not a logline but how cool is that? My own Famous Five moment...

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