Introduce Yourself : Introducing! by Engeli Broberg

Engeli Broberg


Hi all creative people,

Just wanted to say hi.

I’m Engeli, a Swedish filmmaker. I’m directing documentaries and dance films. I recently started to write one of my very first screenplays, I'm really enjoying it and I’m learning so much! All my free time (when I’m not writing on my script) goes into reading any script I can get my hands on, books about screenwriting, watch youtube clips, documentaries, listen to podcasts - everything I can find about screenwriting!

What are your best tips to learn more about writing a screenplay?

It could be anything, a link to an inspirational blog, a book title, a film…etc.

Looking forward to learning more, gain some inspiration and make some new connections here at stage 32.

Have a great day!

Kyle Climans


Engeli Broberg


Rakesh Malik


I recommend Syd Field's book on screenplays, as well as Stealing Fire from the Gods... but there's substitute for getting feedback from readers. There are script consultants who will help for a fee as well, of course -- quite valuable when your script is solid and you're looking to get it ready to pitch to investors.

Wendy Jones

HI there, nice to meet you. I'm currently in the same boat.

Derek Reid

Hi Engeli! It's nice to meet you and best of luck with your debut script! I would purchase 'The Screenwriters Bible' book by David Trottier and make sure to read scripts from films you like available on such websites as 'Simply Scripts' and 'imsdb'.

Derek Reid

Also, agent Babz Bitela, President did a podcast for a good while that I really enjoyed. She's not doing new episodes anymore - but the previous entries are still available to listen to at

Cherelynn Baker

Welcome to Stage 32 Engeli!

Engeli Broberg

Hi Wendy Jones nice to meet you!

And thank you so much, Derek Reid and Rakesh Malik for your useful tips. I'll check it out immediately!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community!

Engeli Broberg

Thank you Cherelynn Baker and Aray Brown!

Ashleigh Angel Nastassia Klein

HIGH ;) Buddies, I'm Jeannie420 The US WEED CHANNEL also chasing my Dream at the Society Of Voice Arts and Sciences ! Please, reach out! CHEERS

Andreas Andersson

Välkommen i Gänget!

Engeli Broberg

Tack @andreas!

Martina Cook

Hi Engeli! Welcome to the Stage! Lots of great suggestions already, if you’ve never heard of it, I find “script to screen” videos very helpful. There are some on YouTube. Good luck with your career! :)

Engeli Broberg

Thanks Martina Cook, great suggestion, I'll check 'em out!

Mike W. Rogers

NIce to meet you, Engeli!

Engeli Broberg

Nice to meet you, Mike W. Rogers !

James T. Sale

Nice to meet you.

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