Introduce Yourself : Introducing Myself by Alessandra Bonetti

Alessandra Bonetti

Introducing Myself

Hey everyone! I was a member of Stage32 a few years ago, but fell off the bandwagon. I'm really glad to be back, and would love to meet some like-minded creatives! I'm an actor who's into film, and would love to get to know some new indie filmmakers, and collaborate to make an awesome story come to life!

Richard Gustason

Hi Alessandra. I too fell off the bandwagon myself. And here I am back again as well. Hopefully this time it will be better for you.

Eddie Joseph

I know exactly what you two and youdo miss it being out there working in the field. This is why I'm back because the time is now to pursue, be persistent, and enjoy what i love most.

Christian Weiser

Hi Alessandra!!!!! welcome back!!!!!

Lisa Edwards

Hi Alessandra :) I also lost the Stage 32 habit for a few years. All the best to you.

Alessandra Bonetti

Thanks, everyone!

Robert Sacchi

Welcome back.

Thomas J. Herring

I understand that all too well. I've put writing on hold to take care of family matters. now that things have leveled off a bit decided to get back to rewriting my scripts and submitting them to script coverages.

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