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Rachel Amy Ritchie

Introducing me...

Hi Everyone!

My name is Rachel Amy Ritchie and I am an all around creative currently working as a graphic and web designer. I just finished up two degrees at Full Sail Recording Arts Associates and a Media Communications Bachelors (with honors) where I graduated both programs as valedictorian. I am currently working on polishing and prepping the pitch for my diverse ensemble-cast Murder-Mystery Dramedy Series, Masked Intentions, and am building my network in the entertainment industry. Here is the show's working logline: "When a string of unexpected deaths derails the student council's end-of-senior-year masquerade gala, Cardou University's supposedly brightest must face their dark secrets and impassioned relationships to unmask the killer and survive the night." 

I am passionate, driven, and always ready to learn and try new things. I'd love to connect with anyone and can't wait to start pitching and developing this show soon!

E Langley

Hiya, Rach.

James Welday

Hi Rachel, pleased to meet you! Love the logline, and think it would make a fantastic whodunit.

Sandeep Sharma

Rachel Amy Ritchie Welcome and nice to meet you.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Welcome, Rachel! Or do you prefer Amy? Ooo, love that you're on to your pitch now! Have you tried any of Stage 32's webinars? There's one by Anna Henry on "How to Write a Professional TV Pitch Document" that I think you'd dig:

Keep us posted on your progress!

Stefano Pavone

Welcome to the club. :)

Rachel Amy Ritchie

Hi Karen "Kay" Ross. I go by Rachel, but I always go for the full name when putting my name down. I haven't looked at that webinar, but I did just get Ewan Dunbar's one about pitch decks and I'm excited to watch that tomorrow! My co-creator is currently doing some pilot rewrites after getting some coverage while I'm working on the pitch deck before doing a 30 minute call with an executive to get feedback on both and hopefully practicing our pitch in the Writer's Room program before some pitches at the end of the month through Stage 32, so lots of things are happening!

Leonor R. Santos

Warm welcome Rachel!

Erik Meyers

welcome! All sounds very exciting. All the best!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Sweet! Love to hear about that momentum! Keep at it and keep us posted! Ooo, actually, maybe you could start a post in the Producing Lounge about what you've learned recently about Pitch Decks - maybe see if there is any supporting insight from other producers in the community?

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