Introduce Yourself : Introducing muself! by Todd Royal

Todd Royal

Introducing muself!

Hi Stage 32, I am an actor and writer transitioning into filmmaking. It is exciting and daunting all at the same time. I've done two short films this year that I wrote, directed, produced and acted-in within the last 8 months. Surprisingly, both shorts have won awards at festivals; and each short has actually won various festivals in their category. Even a blind squirrel catches a nut is the way that I feel. Since the pandemic I have also used the Stage 32 pitch services, and every time I've been able to pitch I am more excited than the previous time. Thank you for having me, and look forward to commenting on other introduce yourself posts!...Sincerely, Todd Royal

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Todd. Nice to connect with you. Congrats on your two short films winning awards in the film festivals. How is your sports script going?

Monica Mansy

Hi, Todd! Welcome and congrats on all your success! I'm an actor and recently started writing. It's been super helpful for me to take advantage of all the education here on Stage 32 to learn more about my new venture. I would definitely suggest taking a look at the education tab as you transition into filmmaking!

Edward Gehlert

Howdy, Todd! It sounds like you have kept yourself busy. What are the names of the shorts you created?

Richard "RB" Botto

Good on you for making 2 shorts during these challenging times, Todd. Remarkably impressive! Appreciate all the good words regarding the platform as well! Cheers!

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